Private Journal – Keep Out.

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Jonathan Morris was someone nobody remembered. He was just, well, there. He never stood out in much, doing his class work enough to get by and not participating in class. It was said that if Jonathan Morris disappeared off the face of the earth, it would take over a month for someone to notice him missing.

He tended to agree with them. Not that he had a problem with that. Not being noticed means that you don’t have any pressure to have a girlfriend, get good grades, or have popular friends. He was quite satisfied to remain unnoticed, going about his life in the background without bothering too many other people.

On the first day he woke up and felt kind of odd. Looking down at himself, he noticed oddly that he could faintly see the color of the sheets beneath him. He seemed to be translucent or something. He pinched himself, thinking that it had to be a dream, but nothing seemed to happen. He remained in this odd form. “oh well” he thought and went about his business.

No one at school seemed to notice that you could see through Jonathan Morris. Not that it was surprising to him, since people didn’t seem to notice him no matter what he was doing. He answered when his name was called for attendance, and noticed that his voice had an airier, softer tone then usual. Nobody noticed this change except for him, and his teacher didn’t even glance up when he responded.

He went on with his schoolwork as if nothing was wrong, and at the end of the day went home by himself as usual. As he was going to sleep, he again looked at his translucent body and said “This is weird. Oh well, maybe I’ll be solid tomorrow.”

The morning of the second day he woke up and, upon looking at himself, open his eyes wide. If anything, he was even more translucent then the day before! He could actually almost make out the pattern of the sheets that he was sleeping on! “This is beginning to get weird” he thought. Then he went to school.

Walking into his first class, he sat down near the back as he usually did, and waited for the teacher to call his name. As the teacher said “Jonathan Morris?”, she looked up at him, expecting an answer. Jonathan looked back, wondering if the teacher had noticed his apparent lack of solidity, but the teacher just waited for a response. “Here” he said quickly and loudly, since his voice had become softer still. The teacher nodded and went back to her list.

On the third day, he woke up to being even more translucent, being able to clearly see the pattern of his bed sheets through himself. “This is getting weirder and weirder”, he thought, but went to school as usual. This time when his name was called at attendance, people turned around and smiled at him. Not knowing how to react to something like this, as it had never happened before, he smiled back.

On the fourth and final day, he woke up and was almost completely invisible. “I wonder whats going to happen next” he thought, and left his house. When he got to his first period class, he sat in a seat in the back as usual and waited for his name to be called. “Jonathan Morris?” “Here” he said. The teacher looked around and repeated “Jonathan Morris?” By this time, there was murmuring going on all around the room “Where’s Jonathan? He’s never been absent before. I wonder where he could be!” Jonathan tried to speak louder, almost yelling “HERE!”. But the teacher didn’t hear him. She shrugged, and moved on to the next name on her list.

Jonathan Morris had disappeared. And people had noticed.

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September 5th, 1996 at 9:58 am

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