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Ok everybody so here’s the deal. Copy this entire e-mail and change the answers so that they apply to you. then send it to everyone you know Including the person who sent it to you in the first place. You should get back a lot of “get to know you” emails. You’ll learn a lot about your friends you may not have known.

Full Name: Jeremy Daniel Meyers
Nicknames: Jer, Softie (don’t ask), “You know computers, right?”
DOB: 4/28/79
Parents: Charles and Laura
Siblings: I killed them and ate them.
School: Urban Academy
Best quote: (tie) “There is no pleasure like the absence of pain”-Isaac Asimov and “Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about” -Oscar Wilde
Best advice: 1) Dont’ sweat the small stuff 2) It’s all small stuff
Pets: ask nicely first
Favorite Game(not a Sport): messing with freshmen
Favorite book: High Fidelity by Nick Hornby
Favorite Author: Douglas Adams, at the moment
Dream vehicle: ’92 Dodge Viper Convertible…black
Coolest experience: beginning to feel accepted at Urban as a cool person
Scariest thing i’ve ever done: come back to school after dropping out
Favorite thing to do in the summer: Sit in Washington Square Park watching the scantily clad 17 year old girls walk by
Favorite thing to do in the winter: Bundle up nice and warm with some hot chocolate, a good movie and some friends
Favorite things to do: as little as possible
Character trait i look for in a person: Humor, ability to hold a conversation, sharing a similar world view
What I want to do/be: something that makes me lots of money
Favorite color: people tell me i wear a lot of blue, so i guess thats it
Favorite Food: dont’ have one
Least Favorite food: anything that tastes, looks or smells like any bodily excretion other than sweat
Favorite vacation: New Orleans, Spring Break 1998
Dream vacation: Ireland
Religion: no thanks, there are enough people trying to control me
Favorite Music: 80’s (duh)
Whats in your CD player right now?:
Favorite Broadway play: Les Miserables
Favorite Subject (Scholastic): Psychology (i.e. why particular people are so fucked up)
Favorite Sport: Female oil wrestling
Other sports: there are other sports?
Favorite Actor (comedy): David Spade, also Albert Brooks and Ralph from The Simpsons
Favorite Actor (drama): Tom Hanks, also John Cusack
Favorite Comedian: Robin Williams, although Bob Saget’s standup is hilarious
Favorite Comedienne: Janeane Garafalo *drool*
Favorite Actress (comedy): Tori Spelling (oh wait…you mean +intentionally+ funny?)
Favorite Actress (drama): Holly Hunter…sorry folks…its late
Favorite Movies: anything from the 80’s…yeah, thats pretty much it.
Favorite TV show: Charles in Charge (mmm…Nicole Eggert)
Favorite day: Saturday, around 2:30
Favorite Month: May (usually…damn el niƱo)
Favorite Things to wear: something clean
Does the world suck?: Yes, but only some are good at it.
Allergies: —
Favorite memory of your youth: Parents still getting along
Something that makes you smile: remembering times gone by
Something about you that most people don’t know: secretly, I’m a lesbian.
Favorite Dessert: Haagen Dazs Coffee Ice Cream (the worlds most perfect substance)
Favorite Body Part (male): Eyes
Favorite Body Part (female): Legs then Eyes
Favorite Flirting Technique: Be as blatant as possible without being too obscene

Add any questions here (be sure to send copies to if you do)

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