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Androdaixa: oh yeh….. why you mad at edith?
SoftLord: because she’s a drama queen, only
calls me or speaks to me when she needs
something and is basically consistantly making
bad choices for herself
SoftLord: i’m not mad at her…i’m more
dissapointed in her than mad.
Androdaixa: just because you think hse makes bad choices
for herself is no reason to be mad at her
SoftLord: as i said.
Androdaixa: or even disappointed……. its her life and you really have no right to hold any of her choices against her unless they are directly
effecting you
SoftLord: yes actually i do
Androdaixa: and why is that>
SoftLord: i’m entitled to have a feeling about her decisions and it affects how i deal with her
SoftLord: what…i should like everyone no matter what they do or say?
Androdaixa: yeh but is she hurting you?
SoftLord: not particularly…mainly because i don’t see her
SoftLord: what kind of statement is that anyway? i’m not allowed to be dissapointed in someone else?
Androdaixa: so….. just because she makes bad choices doesant mean you have to treat her differently…. its her life,, if anything you should try to
help her, and if she refuses the help then theres nothing yuou can do but still you shouldnt act nasty toward her….. shes mad upset yo and thats messed
SoftLord: thats honestly not my problem
SoftLord: she never calls me or talks to me unless she needs a favor. i’ve offered help she says she doesn’t have
a problem or need my help
SoftLord: or unless you mention that i’m mad at her or miss her.
SoftLord: and i’m not being particularly nasty i’m just not being particularly nice… she hasn’t given me any reason
to be as of late.
Androdaixa: she doesant call anyone yo…… you should know that by now
SoftLord: okay…she doesn’t make any attempt to contact me
SoftLord: and i’m supposed to be apologetic that she’s upset that she’s not on my list of favorite people?
Androdaixa: same here……… but thats edith….. shes got a lot of things to do.. thats no reason to be nasty to her
SoftLord: oh well
SoftLord: as i said.
SoftLord: i wasn’t being nasty i just wasn’t being particularly nice
SoftLord: at the moment she’s on my list of ‘too much work to deal with’.
Androdaixa: so you mean you dont care at all that shes upset…. yer a nice friend yo……. she didnt do anything to hurt you…
SoftLord: and i don’t deal with those kind of people until they show evidence to the contrary
Androdaixa: your mad cold
SoftLord: um
SoftLord: she’s upset because of things that she did…its not my fault she doesn’t want to deal with the
consequences of her actions.
Androdaixa: like what?
SoftLord: like being a drama queen and making no attempt to contact me unless you tell that i’m mad at her or if
she needs s a favor and such.
Androdaixa: what….. as i said… she doesant really contact anyone on a regular basis…..
SoftLord: *shrug* and thats what i call being a bad friend
SoftLord: she doesn’t contact me at all unless she needs a favor or to borrow something or you mention to her
that i’d mentioned
SoftLord: for the third time.
SoftLord: i valued her friendship more than that at some point…
Androdaixa: so you mean to tell me that you cant be friends with someone you dont talk to for a while? just because someone has no time to do
stuff doesant mean they are being a bad friend it just means they have a life to live. like my friend mary.. she like one of my best friends and
sometimes i dont talk to her for like a month but well always be there. shes just mad busy….. id be mad selfish if i expected her to stop drop everything
just to call me……
SoftLord: no…i can’t be friends who makes no attempt to contact me or to talk to me in clubs or even say
hello unless she needs a favor…and thats the last time i’m going to say that.
SoftLord: stop just typing and listen to what i’m saying.
SoftLord: and i don’t expect people to drop everything but i expect to hear from my friends every once in awhile
or at least get a hello in a club if they see me.
SoftLord: and by “hearing from my friends” i mean just to say hello not “hi i need a favor can i borrow this or that
or the other”
Androdaixa: i am listening…. but i am reading nothing that justifies my good friend being upset
SoftLord: *shrug*
SoftLord: i suggest you talk to her.
SoftLord: this is not my fault.
Androdaixa: i did talk to her
SoftLord: i have a feeling anyone else in my position would feel similarly
SoftLord: i’m sorry she feels that way, but this is how i feel.
SoftLord: and if in fact she misses me she should of thought of that over the past 6 months where she didn’t
walked right past me in clubs if she showed up at all. unless of course she needed to crash.
SoftLord: and if not wanting to deal with being ignored and treated like crap makes me a bad friend, then so be it.
SoftLord: sorry, but as much as i love my friends theres only so much shit i take from anyone.
Androdaixa: i duno ive never seen her completely ignore you at a club on purpose
SoftLord: considering how often you come out, thats not surprising.

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April 1st, 2000 at 8:57 am

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