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Some random Soundscan project for Steve today. It’s my birthday on
Monday and so far I’ve had a bunch of plans get cancelled 🙁 But other
than that it’s all good… soulseek is back up!
Sara’s cool, we shall miss her.
Must sleeeep, more later.

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April 25th, 2003 at 10:25 pm

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Diddlms: look babe…we are very good friends so
if you need to discuss something we can talk
about anything no holds barred and you know
we’ll stay friends.

SoftLord: yeah i know…

Diddlms: 🙂

SoftLord: just sometimes i think it would be nice
to have all the friendly flirting and snuggly stuff
we do as part of our friendship lead somewhere
(dunno where) … but i guess thats silly and a bit unfair,
cause i do love having you as a friend… maybe i’m just
lookin into things too much

Diddlms: no I dont think its unreasonable to feel this way.
Lord knows Ive been there (not in a while) but surly ive been
there…lol *giggle* I think though seeing as Im not sure
where my life drifts its dangerous for anyone to be involved
in more than friendly with me…and…i dunno you and i we
are so special just the way we are…how could the dynamics
change? its just strange to think of it more perhaps…i
dunno hope i didnt offend or upset you…i mean you know
right? :-!

SoftLord: no, thats kinda what i was expecting…

Diddlms: oh sweet pea… you’d make the perfect man…im
jus crazy in the head…lol

SoftLord: okay you didn’t need to say that

SoftLord: i’ve heard that so many times before

Diddlms: ok come on ass

Diddlms: so have i

Diddlms: lol

Diddlms: silly

SoftLord: i mean … i know… its totally understandable, i feel
bad even bringing it up, its way too early for you to be doing
anything with anyone or even thinking about it… just you
know… i’ve had a ‘thing’ for ya from way back… and
sometimes lately i felt like there might be somethin like that
the other way…but even if there is, right now isn’t the
time… so yea…so there 🙂

SoftLord: so now you know all my dirty little secrets…heheh

Diddlms: well i dont hate you or am not wierded out. Only Id
prefer to keep the dynamics the same with us…i mean i just
wouldnt want to put you in that "Id possably hate your guts
ex boyfriend" catagory.

SoftLord: heh

SoftLord: no, i didn’t think you would be

SoftLord: well, at least now you know 😛

SoftLord: and that has nothin to do with how much i may
love ya as a friend

SoftLord: apparently i’m in a confessional mood

Diddlms: i know your the mother fucker!

SoftLord: yea.

Diddlms: lol

SoftLord: okay well now i feel weird, but i’ll get over it

SoftLord: 😛

Diddlms: dont silly ass

SoftLord: k

SoftLord: anywho…congrats on the gallery thing, i’m sure it’ll
lead to more

Diddlms: yeah i so wish

Diddlms: lol

Diddlms: but i will try till i die

SoftLord: heh..who knew you’d be talkin like this about art

Diddlms: no shit

Diddlms: i absolutly love it now

SoftLord: you should thank my dad 🙂

Diddlms: when im famous ill tell everyone that it was charles

SoftLord: heh

SoftLord: i’m sure.

Diddlms: serious

Diddlms: it was your dad who helped me much

SoftLord: there ya go

Diddlms: im sleepy must rest

Diddlms: chat w u in mornin.

SoftLord: okie

Diddlms: ngiht

Diddlms signed off at 1:34:07 A.

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April 23rd, 2003 at 8:49 am

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So here’s my new web log… Enjoy the self-indulgence.
Today is very slow cause its soooo nice out… wish I was outside
scopin eyecandy.
Guru from Gang Starr was here today, that was cool… I shoulda brought
my Jazzmatazz CDs….
People are so fucking predictable.
The End.

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April 16th, 2003 at 5:00 pm

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