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Snarki2: hey it’s Carlin – I’m on Adam’s identity since
he has all the music

Snarki2: listening to Ambulance and in for the day so
send me a message to spice up my day

SoftLord: cumin

Snarki2: what have you been up to today

SoftLord: about 6’1

SoftLord: 🙂

Snarki2: so you like taller women

SoftLord: i like women who can keep up with me

Snarki2: is that difficult to find?

Snarki2: are you still busy???

SoftLord: no…trying to come up with a clever
answer to that last one

Snarki2: tired today?

SoftLord: are you related to adam? his youngest
daughter no doubt

SoftLord: actually just got up from a nap… dont
sleep enough durin the week so gotta make up for
it over the weekend

Snarki2: you didn’t know that Adam is my brother

Snarki2: I see

SoftLord: i did not… twasn’t mentioned to me…

SoftLord: i figured there was somethin cause of
the name

Snarki2: most people think we’re married because we
have the same name and live together

SoftLord: i’m not most people 🙂

SoftLord: so you have a white stripes thing goin

Snarki2: that’s very true:-*

SoftLord: *smiles* mmmm… and a great kisser

Snarki2: self-proclaimed or from testimonials?

SoftLord: lol…i was bein a kiss-ass again… but i
have been told i am one as well…

Snarki2: I think being a good kisser is about passion
and tongue to lip smacking ratio to maintain the right
level of lubrication

SoftLord: and tempo…. and not overdoing it too
much to begin with…

Snarki2: that’s the worst

Snarki2: people don’t know how to work up to

SoftLord: right… its all about the buildup and

Snarki2: what ever happened to seduction and

SoftLord: my favorite moment is the half second
right before a first real kiss

SoftLord: when like… you both know its
inevitable, but it hasn’t quite happened yet

Snarki2: when the tension is the highest that it’s electric

Snarki2: me too

SoftLord: but you’re still pretty secure in knowing
the other person wants it too

Snarki2: it’s all in the eyes

SoftLord: *grin* oh yes… yes it is

Snarki2: have you ever been surprised to find out that
someone is interested??

Snarki2: or did you know

SoftLord: hmm… well…

Snarki2: well what

SoftLord: i tend to get people who are attracted
to me like… in psycho amounts… i guess its my

Snarki2: same here – i’m always surprised though to
have men following around

Snarki2: maybe it’s the scene too

SoftLord: its either "i think yuo’re cool and lets be
friends so theres no possibility of ever seeing me
naked" or "oh my god you’re so amazing i want to
IM you late at night and ask you to marry me i
love you i love you i love you"

Snarki2: so you’ve gotten marriage proposals

Snarki2: that’s scary

SoftLord: yea… well…

Snarki2: whenever the pop out that ring box i freak

SoftLord: lol

Snarki2: do you think it’s the fear of commitment or
stalker thing

SoftLord: i dunno… i used to be really really
insecure and
unattractive (or felt that way)… so
the prospet of anyone i was interested in being
attracted to me was like… no way jose

Snarki2: so women found you approachable and a
challenge – just what most messed up women love

SoftLord: nah.. even worse… i got the "N G" word

SoftLord: or get…

Snarki2: what’s the "N G" word???

SoftLord: "you’re such a Nice Guy"

SoftLord: (tm)

Snarki2: that’s a cop-out

SoftLord: oh i know

Snarki2: women just can’t be honest with themselves
or men

Snarki2: that’s the problem

SoftLord: but i was for a long time… the nice
non-threatening easy-to-get-along-with…

Snarki2: college?

SoftLord: hehe… true… i think thats true of

SoftLord: newp…no college… went directly from

SoftLord: well… took a year off, anyway

Snarki2: very interesting

Snarki2: what did you do for that year?

SoftLord: bummed around, half looked for a job

SoftLord: not a very interesting story, i’m afraid 🙂

Snarki2: ok now i have to ask you – how old are you?

SoftLord: lol….guess

Snarki2: you suck

SoftLord: *grin* who toldja

SoftLord: i’m not THAT much younger than you

Snarki2: all those testimonials on friendster

Snarki2: i’d say you’re in the 25-27 range

SoftLord: really….iiinteresting

Snarki2: maybe 24

SoftLord: bingo bango

Snarki2: just a baby boy

Snarki2: this is fun

SoftLord: *raises eyebrow* i’m all grown up in
some areas… 😉

Snarki2: i’ve heard about your development

SoftLord: that its arrested?

Snarki2: beyond your years…

SoftLord: oh yea…

Snarki2: well i’m an old women

SoftLord: psh…

SoftLord: silly

Snarki2: fully developed

Snarki2: but very happy with this stage in my life

SoftLord: you’ve got many years to go before
anyone could consider you anything approaching

Snarki2: thank you

Snarki2: still i get to play with 24 year old "boys"

SoftLord: *smile* Are you trying to seduce me?

Snarki2: i’m not sure – i admit i like the volley

SoftLord: okay fine, it was a bastardization of a
graduate quote, but…

Snarki2: very well done young Jeremy

SoftLord: it sounded like there was a ‘but’ in there

Snarki2: not a "but" – just inquisitive

SoftLord: that was not a particularly loaded
question… i’m enjoying the conversation too,
very much.

Snarki2: like getting to know you

SoftLord: likewise

Snarki2: no what???

Snarki2: i meant now what??

SoftLord: oh… well i’m not sure

Snarki2: isn’t that the best part?

SoftLord: for some 🙂

Snarki2: for you?

SoftLord: i’m a taurus… i like comfort and security
and knowing where i stand with people… although
the element of the unknown can be exciting
ultimately i’d rather be home snugglin with
someone rather than sitting up at night wondering
‘so do they like me like i like them’…

Snarki2: wouldn’t have guessed that

SoftLord: no?

Snarki2: now that you say it it seems right

Snarki2: i’m an aries

SoftLord: i knew this

Snarki2: how?

SoftLord: i think you mightve mentioned it at the

Snarki2: too much tequila

SoftLord: lol

Snarki2: and you weren’t drinking at all – no fair

SoftLord: yeah i know… you know, i still owe you
a drink from there

Snarki2: that’s right

SoftLord: i had to be sober enough to work

Snarki2: i start off sober then have people putting
drinks in my hand

Snarki2: still get the job done though

SoftLord: lol…me too… i rarely end up paying for

Snarki2: i’m comped everywhere in the city – people
are starting to drop my name and getting comped too

SoftLord: wow you ARE a party girl

Snarki2: it’s this documentary thing

SoftLord: i can do that pretty much anywhere on
avenue A, or any goth/electro/britpop scene thing

Snarki2: good to know

Snarki2: it’s an art

SoftLord: its all about making friends with the
important b-list people

SoftLord: bouncers, bartenders

Snarki2: with this documentary i’ve made friends with
all the club owners in myc and the hamptons – scary

SoftLord: ew…slimy

Snarki2: very slimy

SoftLord: all of ’em… thats why i haven’t started
up another club night in awhile

Snarki2: it’s pretty played out – but the guys at Show
are pretty cool

Snarki2: they do these burlesque nights that are pretty

Snarki2: women on swings etc.

SoftLord: iinteresting

SoftLord: dont think i could afford to set
something up there 🙂

Snarki2: i don’t pay for anything – vip baby

SoftLord: you’re a good girl to know 🙂

Snarki2: wait till my masturbation documentary goes
into production

SoftLord: only if theres personal footage included

Snarki2: everyone keeps asking me

SoftLord: lol

SoftLord: well you do give people a good straight

Snarki2: my production assistant thinks i should use
some body cover up on my tattoos and go for it

Snarki2: i’m straight and deviant at the same time

SoftLord: my favorite… nice with a tinge of

Snarki2: absolutely

SoftLord: the kind you can take home to mom and
then keep mom awake at night with strange
noises comin from the bedroom

Snarki2: just your everyday
lawyer/producer/deviant/gourmet cook/family person

SoftLord: hmm.. *thinks* what would mine be…
just your every day geek/dj/naughtyboi/cookie
master/romantic/mommas boy

Snarki2: well done – so a momma’s boy huh

SoftLord: well… you’dh ave to meet my mom

SoftLord: hehe

Snarki2: i can tell from talking to you that she is

SoftLord: *grin* she gave me good taste in
people, thats for sure

Snarki2: tell me more…

SoftLord: about my good taste in people or about
my mom? 😛

Snarki2: good taste in people

SoftLord: oh… well… you’ve seen my friendster
page… heh… and some people i’ve just started
interacting with confirm my good taste 😛

SoftLord: even tho i haven’t yet tasted them

Snarki2: what constitutes a "good" person??

SoftLord: ah… well…

Snarki2: tell me please..

SoftLord: good-hearted (even if they dont show
it, i tend to have a knack for sniffing them out)…
funny, usually quite attractive, quick-witted…
able to think on multiple levels simultaneously…

Snarki2: i see

SoftLord: i dunno… i’ve never had to put together
a list of ‘what constitutes a person i will interact
with’ before…

Snarki2: notice you like the "attractive" thing

SoftLord: lol… its a taurus thing… i need a lot of
beauty in my life… and ‘attractive’ isn’t
necessarily a physical thing

Snarki2: what is "attractive" then?

SoftLord: a vibe you have, a way of feeling about
yourself… a mischevous twinkle, a soft smile in a
quiet moment… could be many things

SoftLord: what is attractive for you?

Snarki2: very well put – i completely agree but
wouldn’t have put in in such succinct words

Snarki2: let’s see

Snarki2: hold on for a moment – duty calls but want to
answer that question shortly

SoftLord: words are great…you can do so many
different things with them 🙂

SoftLord: okie… brb also, gotta potty

SoftLord: back

Snarki2: almost

Snarki2: back

Snarki2: attractive?

SoftLord: nice back

Snarki2: thank you

SoftLord: heh

Snarki2: do you want my answer or what??

SoftLord: of course

Snarki2: a sense of humor, confidence, the ability to
take chaos in stride and always enjoy the moment for
what it is not what it should be

SoftLord: interesting

Snarki2: i try

SoftLord: sounds like that comes from working in
a chaotic environment

Snarki2: my real ability lies in making order out of

SoftLord: yea… i try not to stress anything too
much… doesn’t always work

Snarki2: i’m better in a stressful environment – it
focuses me

SoftLord: agreed, definitely

SoftLord: pressure is what turns coal into
diamonds, after all

Snarki2: and somehow it generates alot of $ for my
business – so my shareholders and partners are happy

Snarki2: but the whole earner thing has it’s drawbacks

SoftLord: are you an owner at pseudo?

Snarki2: founding partner

SoftLord: interesting

Snarki2: does it make sense?

SoftLord: just something i didn’t know about you

Snarki2: so i can still surprise you:-)

SoftLord: you’re not the only one interested in
‘getting to know’ someone here, ya know 😛

Snarki2: very good

SoftLord: you mean after one official meeting,
flirting at a work event and a couple of hours of
online chatting? i’d say so

Snarki2: me too

SoftLord: it doesn’t surprise me that you’d be
running things… you just dont really go around
like you do… or i haven’t seen it

Snarki2: seen what? i lost you

SoftLord: er.. with the "i RUN pseudo..i AM
pseudo"… i dont think people would guess that
you’re a founding partner if you didnt’ tell them

SoftLord: which is not a bad thing, certainly

Snarki2: that’s because i’m a women, i’m fairly young,
most men want to fuck me, and i’m not arrogant about

Snarki2: i keep it low-key so my staff respects me

SoftLord: *coff* dont do that while i’m drinking

Snarki2: got you hey

SoftLord: as i was taking a drink….

SoftLord: congratulations

SoftLord: heeh

SoftLord: usually its the other way around

Snarki2: i love to shock and i’m good at it

Snarki2: overactive imagination

SoftLord: another admirable quality 🙂

SoftLord: and *coff* useful

Snarki2: always

Snarki2: hard to find a partner who can keep up

SoftLord: perhaps you meant to say ‘difficult’

Snarki2: thank you for the insight – yes "difficult"

Snarki2: didn’t say impossible

SoftLord: *smile* no… no you didn’t 🙂

Snarki2: left the door open – always do

Snarki2: hate to foreclose any possibility

SoftLord: you never know who might poke their
head in

Snarki2: absolutely

Snarki2: may be a complete surprise

Snarki2: i love surprises and am rarely surprised

SoftLord: lesse… i’m a guy, i’m younger than
people think i am, mostly psycho goth girls and
scary old fags want to fuck me, and i’m
about it, but with tongue firmly planted in cheek

Snarki2: love the volley

Snarki2: very surprising…

SoftLord: …not that theres anything wrong with

Snarki2: what old fags and psycho goth girls?

SoftLord: hey, whatever pays the bills, ya know…

SoftLord: er…i mean…nothin

SoftLord: O:-)

Snarki2: how much would i have to pay for your

SoftLord: *thinks* i’m sure we could work out
some sort of barter

Snarki2: good to know that you’re flexible on price

SoftLord: its a sliding scale

Snarki2: thought you were going to say it’s a slippery

SoftLord: well that depends on how the evening
goes, now doesn’t it

Snarki2: that’s true you can never tell how an evening
is going to end

SoftLord: very true

SoftLord: thats the fun thing about evenings

SoftLord: if you do it right

Snarki2: so what was your most "surprising" evening??

Snarki2: no names just the juicy facts

SoftLord: hmmm… my evenings as of late have
been deplorably predictable, i’m afraid…

Snarki2: what about evenings of lore

SoftLord: thats the other thing you should
probably know about me…

Snarki2: what’s that

Snarki2: don’t kiss and tell

SoftLord: i tend to overthink my way out of
things… old habit, but you know what they say
about those

Snarki2: old habits are hard to break?

SoftLord: that’ll do 🙂

Snarki2: no it won’t

Snarki2: i’m desperate for some more

SoftLord: some more…. what

Snarki2: more proverbial Jeremy

SoftLord: oh…hehe

SoftLord: well i was gonna say ‘old habits die

Snarki2: i disagree

Snarki2: i try to never establish habits – keep it
changing all the time

SoftLord: tho personally i think its just a matter of
finding the right sized shovel to hit them over the
head with

Snarki2: yes

Snarki2: as you get older it gets easier

Snarki2: call a bathroom break – will be back

SoftLord: oh i know… i have to remind myself
that i’m pretty much where i should be for my
age, if not a little ahead… in some areas

SoftLord: okay… i’ll try not to miss you too much

Snarki2: wasn’t i quick?

SoftLord: wow…everything come out alright?

Snarki2: yes thank you

SoftLord: glad to hear it

Snarki2: when you work out for 3 hours you drink
gallons of water and pee for hours afterwards

Snarki2: sorry

SoftLord: *giggle* you’re silly…girls dont pee

Snarki2: what do we do then?

SoftLord: they just go into the bathroom with 6 or
7 of your friends and talk about boys

SoftLord: of THEIR friends…jeez

Snarki2: i’m not a girl anymore – i go to the bathroom
for other things: ???

SoftLord: well… you’re the one doin a
documentary on it

Snarki2: nice guess but not what i was talking about

SoftLord: k 🙂

Snarki2: did you eat dinner yet?

SoftLord: i have not, no

Snarki2: what does Jeremy eat

SoftLord: *traces the outline of his soft lips
slowly, not answering*

SoftLord: *innocent whistle*

Snarki2: *bites her lip in anticipation*

SoftLord: eating is good… some things taste
better than others… i like eating things prepared
by gourmet chefs

Snarki2: so you like things prepared for you then

Snarki2: i know the type

Snarki2: but do you eat what’s prepared for you – no

SoftLord: well… i also love cooking things for
other people… big fan of showing up with
breakfast in bed

Snarki2: what’s on the menu generally?

SoftLord: breakfast-wise? i’ve gotten pretty good
at "whatevers-in-the-fridge" omlettes

SoftLord: coffee and juice

Snarki2: i had a scallion cream cheese omelette today

SoftLord: perhaps a rose

Snarki2: red?

SoftLord: depending

Snarki2: depending on what?

SoftLord: on who its for

SoftLord: one red, one white

Snarki2: passion and true love

SoftLord: *laugh* yes

Snarki2: quite a rare combination, jeremy

SoftLord: not just anyone gets breakfast in bed,

Snarki2: i see

Snarki2: like it when you say my name

SoftLord: do you have a nickname? or do people
pretty much call you carlin

Snarki2: people call me "carl" for short and "bella"

sometimes – i don’t know why

SoftLord: whats your middle name?

Snarki2: cort – family name my grandfathers first name

SoftLord: pretty

SoftLord: like diane

Snarki2: thank you – i think so

Snarki2: and you?


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