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SoftLord: *yawn*

chrrybmbnyc: *yawn*

SoftLord: well hello there stranger 🙂

chrrybmbnyc: what are you up to this lovely day??

SoftLord: gotta go in to work 🙁

chrrybmbnyc: oh no

chrrybmbnyc: all work and no play

SoftLord: well gee, i would play if i could find ya
during the week 😉

SoftLord: hehe

chrrybmbnyc: this was a week from hell

chrrybmbnyc: what are you going in for??

SoftLord: need to send out a newsletter

SoftLord: so i only need to be in for like a half

chrrybmbnyc: can’t do it from home

SoftLord: our SMTP server is only open to people
on our subnet

chrrybmbnyc: ooohhhh fancy security

SoftLord: lol…obnoxious is more like it 🙂

chrrybmbnyc: I can access our SMTP server from
home – jealous?

SoftLord: well…ummm…. i can pee standing up!

chrrybmbnyc: you got me there

SoftLord: i mean i guess you could too it would
just be messier

SoftLord: unless you’re into that kind of thing

chrrybmbnyc: yellow showers?

SoftLord: golden, i think they’re called

chrrybmbnyc: right..

chrrybmbnyc: you would know

SoftLord: *raises eyebrow* one must be
well-informed 😛

chrrybmbnyc: or well-practiced

chrrybmbnyc: i have a bone to pick with you

SoftLord: pick any one you like

chrrybmbnyc: i was watching the footage of
Ambulance and someone is conspicuously in ever shot

chrrybmbnyc: didn’t know you were a camera hog

SoftLord: hey, ask stephen and adam, they were
the ones filmin

chrrybmbnyc: blaming the cameraman

SoftLord: am i the only one who doesn’t call him
Steve, BTW?

chrrybmbnyc: what’s BTW?

SoftLord: by the way

chrrybmbnyc: learn something new every time we chat

chrrybmbnyc: steve’s a weinie

SoftLord: i hope thats not the most interesting
thing you learn this time

chrrybmbnyc: so do i

SoftLord: thats funny, he said the same thing
about you

chrrybmbnyc: he’s just jealous

SoftLord: how could he not be

chrrybmbnyc: flattery will get you everywhere

SoftLord: dont think i dont know it

chrrybmbnyc: seems like flattery is your specialty

SoftLord: will it get me your cell number, though

SoftLord: i just like people i like to feel good

chrrybmbnyc: oooh asking for the cell number – very

chrrybmbnyc: impressed

SoftLord: well gee…you dont answer IMs over the
week… you dont pickup your phone at work…
how else am i supposed to get my Carlin fix?

SoftLord: its become a constant struggle to wait
til the weekends

SoftLord: 😉

chrrybmbnyc: am i teasing you too much

SoftLord: is that what that i

SoftLord: s

chrrybmbnyc: don’t forget the "s" – very important

SoftLord: you dont have to not be around in order
for me to want to talk to you

chrrybmbnyc: very clever retort

SoftLord: tis the truth

SoftLord: albeit cleverly phrased 😛

chrrybmbnyc: that’s why i love chatting with you…

chrrybmbnyc: love clever boys

SoftLord: i’m much more fun in person 🙂

chrrybmbnyc: upping the anty – are we?

chrrybmbnyc: is that how you spell "upping"?

SoftLord: yes

SoftLord: but not how you spell ante

chrrybmbnyc: never conjugated "up

SoftLord: what do you usually do with ‘up’

chrrybmbnyc: get it there

SoftLord: true…true…

chrrybmbnyc: true?

SoftLord: you do have a talent\

chrrybmbnyc: i try

SoftLord: you do well

chrrybmbnyc: thank you sir

SoftLord: oooh…. you can call me sir anytime

SoftLord: heh

chrrybmbnyc: formality is intriguing

SoftLord: or, you know…’Master…

chrrybmbnyc: do you get "master" often???

SoftLord: only afterward…

chrrybmbnyc: another clever retort – well rested???

SoftLord: its all your fault… i actually ahve to
think when i’m talkin to ya

chrrybmbnyc: i try to stimulate

SoftLord: well you are a cunning linguist

SoftLord: oh dear…that old gag

chrrybmbnyc: all i can think about now are tongues

SoftLord: tongues are good

chrrybmbnyc: when used properly

SoftLord: but of course

chrrybmbnyc: what’s more important: pressure or

SoftLord: if the right combination of pressures are
applied, moisture ceases to be an issue

chrrybmbnyc: pressure is everything

chrrybmbnyc: and the application of pressure

SoftLord: tension

chrrybmbnyc: love tension

SoftLord: my favorite moment possibly in
existance is that half-second right before a first
kiss… where it hasn’t happened yet but its like…
inevitable on both sides

chrrybmbnyc: yes we’ve talked about this before

SoftLord: yes

chrrybmbnyc: you like to savor the moment before it
happens – says alot about you

SoftLord: hmmm…interesting… i do that
elsewhere as well

chrrybmbnyc: do tell

SoftLord: like… i love the beat right after the
post-breakdown buildup in dance music right
before the kick drum comes back in…that like…
highest point of tension before the release

chrrybmbnyc: so you like to dangle on the edge

SoftLord: you’re very perceptive

SoftLord: oh i live on the edge, baby…i’m a loner,
a rebel

chrrybmbnyc: rebels are always appreciated

SoftLord: heh

SoftLord: also people who quote pee-wee’s big

chrrybmbnyc: ha ha

chrrybmbnyc: any plans today?

SoftLord: sorta….

chrrybmbnyc: and…

SoftLord: waiting for jackie to call me so she can
let me in to work..and then tonight my friend joey
is gonna come over and help fine-tune my

chrrybmbnyc: is joey a girl or a boy?

SoftLord: boy

SoftLord: and married

SoftLord: and that wasn’t a metaphor

SoftLord: or a euphemism

SoftLord: hehe

chrrybmbnyc: you’re on quite a roll today

SoftLord: what can i say….

chrrybmbnyc: overactive mind – terrible thing

SoftLord: tell me about it

chrrybmbnyc: question: have you ever been told that
you’re too smart?

SoftLord: all the time… that and ‘you think too

chrrybmbnyc: i hate that

SoftLord: i’m sure people tell you that all the time

chrrybmbnyc: what does it really mean though

SoftLord: people seem to think i dont know how
to relax and have fun

chrrybmbnyc: see i think i have more fun and am more
relaxed than anyone – I enjoy thinking too much

SoftLord: i just dont find ‘fun’ in the same things
that the people who are tellin me that do

chrrybmbnyc: exactly

SoftLord: getting wasted on corona and

"woooo-hoooooooooo"-ing on avenue a is not my
idea of a good time

chrrybmbnyc: me either. i like to go out and have a
few drinks but prefer clever conversation

SoftLord: agreed

SoftLord: mellow buzz beats sloppydrunk anyday
in my book

SoftLord: and sometimes even *shock* sober! 🙂

chrrybmbnyc: i prefer sober most days but sometimes
it’s fun to get crazy

chrrybmbnyc: but i have to be careful because i get
too aggressive

SoftLord: *perks*

SoftLord: 😉

chrrybmbnyc: depends on the situation

SoftLord: yeah

SoftLord: i’ve ended up makin out with more
friends that way…

chrrybmbnyc: liquor always brings friends together

SoftLord: true

chrrybmbnyc: so you’re on the clock

SoftLord: not yet… waiting for jackie to get up,
as i said

chrrybmbnyc: maybe i’m talking about "my" clock silly

SoftLord: ohhhhh

SoftLord: whats your clock

chrrybmbnyc: in twenty minutes i should be leaving for
the gym – don’t want to be a bad influence do you?

SoftLord: Carlin, have I ever been a bad
influence? O:-)

chrrybmbnyc: i think that you’re baiting me now

SoftLord: i am a master baiter….

SoftLord: *pauses*

chrrybmbnyc: very well done "master"

SoftLord: *giggle*

SoftLord: so 20 minutes huh

chrrybmbnyc: did leave some bread crumbs for you

chrrybmbnyc: i’ll be there for about 2 hours then in for
the rest of the evening

SoftLord: yippie 🙂

SoftLord: hopefully i’ll be to work and back by

chrrybmbnyc: haven’t got a "yippie" in a while

chrrybmbnyc: hopefully…

SoftLord: i was debating a ‘yippie skippy’… didn’t
know how you’d take that tho

chrrybmbnyc: i don’t think i’ve ever gotten a "yippie

chrrybmbnyc: feel privileged

SoftLord: It says something, Carlin, that already
talking to you has been pretty much the highlight
of my week

SoftLord: just, you know, for the record 🙂

chrrybmbnyc: you mean for the browning up for the
cell #

SoftLord: hey i never asked you for the cell
number, i just asked whether flattery would get it

chrrybmbnyc: are you sure you’re not a lawyer

SoftLord: lol… i’m not… tho whenever anyone
asks me "do you nkow what time it is" i always
say "yes"

chrrybmbnyc: so you’re a wise ass then – you have to
get your JD to go from a wise ass to a lawyer

SoftLord: you’re welcome to set your own
schedule for our interaction
, whatever it may
be… i just miss talkin and flirtin when yuo’re not
around during the week… do take that as a
pretty high compliment, becuase of all the people
i talk to during the course, theres probably only 2
others that i acutally miss talking to, and they’re
both close enough to be family.

chrrybmbnyc: and who are "they"?

SoftLord: Alex (who i’m bringing to the s&m
fashion show) and Sue (my bestest friend in all
the world for the last 10 years)

chrrybmbnyc: Alex – i saw her picture but who’s Sue?

SoftLord: i think you might’ve met alex, she was
one of the two chicas i had with me at the BBQ

chrrybmbnyc: yes yes

chrrybmbnyc: short

SoftLord: yup

chrrybmbnyc: so you like them small and dark heh?

SoftLord: dark is good… small is optional

chrrybmbnyc: that’s right you like girls that are

SoftLord: i dont really have a physical ‘type’.. do

chrrybmbnyc: absolutely not

chrrybmbnyc: too many restrictions then

SoftLord: no, i just dont like to be able to play
peoples ribcages like a xylophone

chrrybmbnyc: blow blow blow

chrrybmbnyc: so should we set a schedule for

SoftLord: what kind of schedule

chrrybmbnyc: a chatting schedule

SoftLord: lol…. didn’t know i needed to be
‘penciled in’

chrrybmbnyc: when are you the most spry?

SoftLord: i’m in a perpetual state of spryality

chrrybmbnyc: oooh and you can conjugate spry

chrrybmbnyc: very impressed

SoftLord: not CORRECTLY

SoftLord: i think its spryness

SoftLord: but spryality is a cooler word so i went
with that

chrrybmbnyc: maybe you’re right but i’ll take spryality

chrrybmbnyc: it sounds better

SoftLord: jinx

SoftLord: :0

SoftLord: 🙂

chrrybmbnyc: what does :0 mean?

SoftLord: it means my pinky didn’t hold down the
shift key when i was trying to type )

chrrybmbnyc: shucks. i love to learn new things but
it’s a very rare occurence

chrrybmbnyc: i just jumped ten feet

SoftLord: you should try out for the WNBA

SoftLord: why?

SoftLord: spider?

SoftLord: picture of michael jackson?

chrrybmbnyc: well i live in the country – my computer
is right by a bay window

chrrybmbnyc: and a squirrel just flew straight into the

SoftLord: nice

chrrybmbnyc: nails scratching and everything

chrrybmbnyc: i hate squirrels

SoftLord: evilsquirrel

SoftLord: they’re just rats with a publicist

chrrybmbnyc: i agree

chrrybmbnyc: have you ever seen a rat/squirrel?

SoftLord: no…

chrrybmbnyc: in washington square park they have
these half rats half squirrels running around

SoftLord: i dont tend to mind rats… or mice… as
long as they’re not like… scurrying around my
house… mice are adorable

SoftLord: ohhh yeah

SoftLord: we used to dose those

chrrybmbnyc: dark black with a pointey nose

chrrybmbnyc: i think it was rat rape

SoftLord: back in my youth….hehe

chrrybmbnyc: you’re so bad

SoftLord: *grin* i like to think i’m just bad enough

chrrybmbnyc: good to know

SoftLord: er… to cover a previous topic… well…
you’re just starting this online chat thing, you
said… perhaps when you get it more into your
muscle memory you could learn to multitask with
it and not have to schedule me at all… and then
it would be all Jeremy all the time

chrrybmbnyc: oohh the gauntlet is down then

chrrybmbnyc: time for me to sweat – can you wait for

SoftLord: it wasn’t a threat 😛

chrrybmbnyc: it was a promise then

SoftLord: and personally, i dont see a better
option coming along any time soon

chrrybmbnyc: maybe you just don’t see it yet

SoftLord: er… that was meant as flattery, dont
think it came out right

SoftLord: oh well

chrrybmbnyc: don’t you hate it when that happens

SoftLord: well i think you do okay from me 😉

SoftLord: so far

SoftLord: and i haven’t even whined about you
putting up a pic on friendster today 😛

chrrybmbnyc: i only have two sets of pictures: sexy
and business

chrrybmbnyc: couldn’t decide

chrrybmbnyc: i was looking for something mysterious
like your photo

SoftLord: business for friendster sexy for me? 🙂

chrrybmbnyc: i see….

SoftLord: lol

chrrybmbnyc: got to go though

chrrybmbnyc: i’m losing my fervor to work out

chrrybmbnyc: be back soon

SoftLord: i’m sure even your business ones are
sexy…there is a certain minimum

chrrybmbnyc: and he draws me back in

chrrybmbnyc: very bad influence

SoftLord: okay go… if i’m not here when you get
back, expect me to be back soon… i would be
amiss if we didn’t get to continue this today

SoftLord: and it would probably ruin the rest of
my weekend

SoftLord: no pressure, of course… 😉

chrrybmbnyc: you’ll hear from me

chrrybmbnyc: lol

SoftLord: and just for the record, you do have MY
cell numbenr

chrrybmbnyc: i do?

SoftLord: i left it with that voicemail about the
irving plaza show

chrrybmbnyc: that’s right

chrrybmbnyc: promise i won’t prank call you late at

chrrybmbnyc: be back soon

SoftLord: well wahts the fun in promising that

SoftLord: okay go!

chrrybmbnyc: bye

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