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chrrybmbnyc: what’s boing

SoftLord: its a noise made to indicate bouncing

chrrybmbnyc: i’m crusty today

SoftLord: in need of showerage?

chrrybmbnyc: i think so

chrrybmbnyc: i’ve been working all morning

SoftLord: what kind of work?

chrrybmbnyc: we’re up for a technical emmy for Daisy
– so i was putting together our entry package

SoftLord: nice

chrrybmbnyc: ed is on the committee – so if we can
pull it off i would mean the ultimate validation

SoftLord: funny, i just found his business card

chrrybmbnyc: ed’s

SoftLord: ja

chrrybmbnyc: CTO – chief tyrant on overdrive

SoftLord: thres no job title

chrrybmbnyc: he likes to be vague

chrrybmbnyc: so cool no title needed

SoftLord: *giggle*

SoftLord: he’s entertaining

chrrybmbnyc: not at 7am

SoftLord: no…few are

chrrybmbnyc: i agree

SoftLord: 7am is only good for one thing.

chrrybmbnyc: looks like the sun is coming out

chrrybmbnyc: sex

SoftLord: bedtime

chrrybmbnyc: i see

SoftLord: i.e. just getting to sleep

SoftLord: any time is good time for sex 😛

SoftLord: tho early morning sex is fu

chrrybmbnyc: what have you been doing all morning

SoftLord: cleaning….my place is a mess

chrrybmbnyc: you were cleaning at 6am

SoftLord: i wasn’t awake at 6a

SoftLord: m

SoftLord: got up around 10:30

chrrybmbnyc: ooohhh

SoftLord: jealous?

SoftLord: 😉

chrrybmbnyc: very you suck

SoftLord: and i’m damn good at it

chrrybmbnyc: hold on – need more coffee

SoftLord: cofffeeeeee

chrrybmbnyc: hhhmmm ice coffee

SoftLord: mmmm ice

chrrybmbnyc: you’re so randy this morning

SoftLord: you said that last night

chrrybmbnyc: well you were

SoftLord: complaint?

chrrybmbnyc: observation

SoftLord: it happens 😉

chrrybmbnyc: how come your smilely faces are smaller
and cuter than mine

SoftLord: size isn’t everything

chrrybmbnyc: make mine smaller too

SoftLord: my font is set smaller than yours

chrrybmbnyc: ooo

SoftLord: u on a mac or a pc?

chrrybmbnyc: pc baby

SoftLord: My Aim…Edit Options…Edit
Preferences… Font

chrrybmbnyc: fixed it;-)

SoftLord: or you could just do that

chrrybmbnyc: do you know what time shark week on
discovery starts tonight

SoftLord: i dont have cable

SoftLord: *duck*

chrrybmbnyc: you’re gonna miss it – they have footage
from a real shark attack

chrrybmbnyc: i can’t wait

chrrybmbnyc: on a human of course

SoftLord: i think they should od Celebrity Shark
Attack Week

chrrybmbnyc: now that would be interesting

SoftLord: mmmmmm…Jenna Haze….

SoftLord: er… sorry… putting away porn

chrrybmbnyc: who would be the first celebrity you would

SoftLord: lance bass

chrrybmbnyc: who’s that – need a face

SoftLord: the blodne guy from nsync who isn’t

chrrybmbnyc: kate hudson

SoftLord: not fond of miss crow huh

chrrybmbnyc: she gives me a rash

chrrybmbnyc: always the same character – her

SoftLord: loved her in almost famous tho

chrrybmbnyc: loved her but after that movie all down hill

SoftLord: agreed

chrrybmbnyc: so any plans today

SoftLord: list 5 classic romantic comedies

chrrybmbnyc: ooohhh hold on

SoftLord: (classic to you personally)

chrrybmbnyc: harry met sally – drawing a blank

chrrybmbnyc: help

SoftLord: annie hall

chrrybmbnyc: of course

chrrybmbnyc: gentlemen prefer blonds

chrrybmbnyc: breakfast at tiffanys

SoftLord: ooh good ones

chrrybmbnyc: what else

SoftLord: truth about cats and dogs

chrrybmbnyc: that’s right you’re a garofolo fan

SoftLord: i like quirky

chrrybmbnyc: quirky and plump – i remember

SoftLord: notting hill

chrrybmbnyc: that’s funny – i was trying to remember
the name of that movie

SoftLord: 🙂

chrrybmbnyc: forrest gump

chrrybmbnyc: ?

SoftLord: one of the best complilation albums ever

SoftLord: i wouldn’t call it a comedy tho, really…

chrrybmbnyc: fabulous album

SoftLord: the score is really good too

chrrybmbnyc: yeah you’re probably right about that noe

SoftLord: Benny & Joon

chrrybmbnyc: yeah

SoftLord: dunno if thats a comedy either

chrrybmbnyc: i think it is

chrrybmbnyc: is edward scissor hands?

SoftLord: you just have a thing for johnny depp

chrrybmbnyc: i do

SoftLord: understandable

SoftLord: i’d do him

chrrybmbnyc: because he avoids cheesecake roles

SoftLord: chasing amy

chrrybmbnyc: another good one

chrrybmbnyc: love kevin __ the director – last name?

SoftLord: smith

chrrybmbnyc: knew it was something pedestrian

SoftLord: when you know you want to spend the
rest of your life with someone, you want the rest
of your life to begin as soon as possible

chrrybmbnyc: well done

SoftLord: High Fidelity

chrrybmbnyc: i even liked mall rats

SoftLord: i didn’t think it was as bad as everyone

chrrybmbnyc: there was something appealing about it

SoftLord: it is the only KS movie i dont own on
dvd, however

chrrybmbnyc: not good enough for Jeremy

SoftLord: hey, i’m picky, what can i say

chrrybmbnyc: you can say a lot

SoftLord: and i do

chrrybmbnyc: yes you do but will there be a point where
you have a loss for words

SoftLord: and then what?

chrrybmbnyc: then what?

SoftLord: then actions will have to prevail

chrrybmbnyc: sounds like

SoftLord: so Carlin…

SoftLord: tell me something about you i don’t
already know

chrrybmbnyc: hhmmm

chrrybmbnyc: there’s so much that i’m trying to pick
something good – hold on

SoftLord: some juicy tidbit

chrrybmbnyc: i was a twirler

chrrybmbnyc: juicy? ok

SoftLord: twirler?

chrrybmbnyc: state champion

SoftLord: batons?

chrrybmbnyc: could throw my baton in the air, spin 3
times, and catch it

chrrybmbnyc: more juice?

SoftLord: so you’re an expert on handling

chrrybmbnyc: thought you’d like that one

SoftLord: you set ’em up and i’ll knock ’em down

chrrybmbnyc: ok – more juice?

SoftLord: Carlin juice is always good

chrrybmbnyc: once i had someone messenger a
diamond necklace to my office

chrrybmbnyc: a gift to get a date

SoftLord: did it work?

chrrybmbnyc: no

chrrybmbnyc: of course not

SoftLord: you have your own money

chrrybmbnyc: yes, it all backs into my business but it’s

chrrybmbnyc: i’m very prideful that way

chrrybmbnyc: not that i don’t like presents

SoftLord: thats like… well, if he gives you
something worth a lot of cash specifically in order
for you to give him your attention, what does
that make you

SoftLord: well tahts good cause i like giving

chrrybmbnyc: more than that when you accept gifts
from that kind of person then they think that they own you

chrrybmbnyc: it’s really an attempt to control

chrrybmbnyc: hate control tactics

SoftLord: yea

SoftLord: its not really a gift at all

SoftLord: its a "look at my big cock, now follow it
around" thing

chrrybmbnyc: no that’s what pisses me off – like i don’t
get it

SoftLord: gifts should just be ‘hey, i was out
somewhere and this made me think of you, so
here you are" or some such thing

chrrybmbnyc: that’s why gifts are so fun – it means
someone was thinking of you

SoftLord: i buy my mom CDs all the time cause i
think she’ll like them…

SoftLord: she loves the norah jones record… and
the last aimee mann solo CD

chrrybmbnyc: good taste

SoftLord: she also really liked the Concrete Blonde
cover of "everybody knows"

chrrybmbnyc: great cover

SoftLord: they’re one of my favorite bands

chrrybmbnyc: although i love "joey" the most

SoftLord: heh

SoftLord: i like "caroline" off that record more

SoftLord: they’re amazing live

chrrybmbnyc: well that’s because you’re a boy and
relate to that song while i relate to joey

SoftLord: i’d put her in a group with chrissy hynde
of the strongest female rock vocalists ever

chrrybmbnyc: absolutely

SoftLord: johnette napolitano

chrrybmbnyc: ?

SoftLord: (her name)

SoftLord: okay

SoftLord: sorry…hehe

chrrybmbnyc: aahhh

SoftLord: the’yre one of the few bands i make it a
point to own their entire discography

chrrybmbnyc: learn something new every time i chat
with you

SoftLord: i certainly hope so 🙂

chrrybmbnyc: hold on – need more ice for my ice coffee

SoftLord: a’ight

chrrybmbnyc: iced up now

SoftLord: you paint a pretty picture

chrrybmbnyc: i try

SoftLord: argh

SoftLord: too much porn not enough disk space

chrrybmbnyc: favorite porn clip??

chrrybmbnyc: amateur? professional?

SoftLord: any girl/girl stuff when the people
involved are obviously actually into each other

chrrybmbnyc: i second that

chrrybmbnyc: i have a clip of janine and friends that’s
pretty hot

SoftLord: also most suicidegirls stuff

SoftLord: heh

chrrybmbnyc: forgot you like suicide girls

SoftLord: she’s good, i wish she wasn’t so generic

chrrybmbnyc: how far does suicide girls go?

SoftLord: its naked pictures of people i see in
clubs that i didn’t have to talk them into takin

chrrybmbnyc: just pictures. don’t they have DVDs?

SoftLord: not far…its usually just nudity, rarely
spread pink, sometimes girl/girl tease stuff like
kissing and stuff

chrrybmbnyc: so it’s soft

SoftLord: yea but i think its usually just tapes of
their photoshoots

SoftLord: like ALSScan stuff

chrrybmbnyc: aahhh

chrrybmbnyc: good to know

SoftLord: i dont even use this stuff to get off
anymore…its just like… a collection of pretty
naked people

SoftLord: well thats not always true… but its
turned more into a collection of pretty naked
people than a strokin resource

SoftLord: not that you needed to know any of
that 🙂

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