Private Journal – Keep Out.


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chrrybmbnyc: um hum

SoftLord: well now you’ve given me something
new to think about 🙂

SoftLord: er… or not to think about

chrrybmbnyc: not my intention but ok

chrrybmbnyc: now me

SoftLord: whats your thing?

chrrybmbnyc: uh hmmm

SoftLord: hmmm… well…

SoftLord: let me know if i’m totally off base

chrrybmbnyc: go ahead

SoftLord: you’re too smart for your own good,
people dont expect it from you because you’re
also a hot girl… you tend to use over-the-top
stuff to keep people at a distance… you’ve
probably loved someone too much in the past and
taken a lot of shit, but you’re still idealistic that
the right person will come around and it’ll all
click… you like testing people… but under it all
you still have the ‘i want to be swept off my feet
in a parade of rosepetals’… but would never think
of giving up your self-reliance

chrrybmbnyc: very observant – i like that. you’re pretty
much on point

chrrybmbnyc: except

chrrybmbnyc: that jumbled up in all that i’m also a minx and like to play too much

SoftLord: define minx

chrrybmbnyc: minx: love to tease, play practical jokes, engage in verbal battles of wit, never takes anything too seriously

SoftLord: you like the attention on a physical level because then they dont know about your vastly superior intellect, so you have control

chrrybmbnyc: sounds about right

SoftLord: nothing wrong with that

chrrybmbnyc: good to know

SoftLord: then again, now that i know that, it mostly wont work on me 🙂

SoftLord: but i think it takes on a more interesting dynamic when the other person is aware of just how much else is going on

chrrybmbnyc: sometimes even if you know the truth you’re still drawn to the flame

SoftLord: it adds blues and greens to the flame where most people only see yellow

chrrybmbnyc: favorite color?

SoftLord: green

SoftLord: well, other than black

chrrybmbnyc: my favorite color is green too

chrrybmbnyc: uh oh

SoftLord: get out of my head 😛

chrrybmbnyc: too late : P

chrrybmbnyc: guess you like my green eyes then

SoftLord: yup

SoftLord: mine change color…sometimes they’re green

chrrybmbnyc: good to know – can’t resist they eyes

chrrybmbnyc: when are they green?

SoftLord: passionate moments

SoftLord: i think

chrrybmbnyc: or you’ve been told

SoftLord: i never stop to ask

SoftLord: well not just that kind of passion… like anger too

chrrybmbnyc: my eyes turn blue when i cry

chrrybmbnyc: not a big crier so hasn’t happened often

SoftLord: thats poetic… like the yellow of the sun has melted away

SoftLord: and left only the blue

chrrybmbnyc: never thought of it like that – but very true

SoftLord: 🙂

chrrybmbnyc: :'(

SoftLord: aw *kisses your eyes* dont cry

SoftLord: its only teenage wasteland

chrrybmbnyc: again welld one

chrrybmbnyc: done

SoftLord: i missed a line

SoftLord: but…

SoftLord: 🙂

chrrybmbnyc: so i think it may be time to hit the gym

SoftLord: wat did the gym ever do to you

SoftLord: what did, rather

chrrybmbnyc: keep my ass firm

SoftLord: well, i can support that

chrrybmbnyc: you know i’m not a young girl so i have to
keep in shape

SoftLord: i’m not even going to dignify that with a

chrrybmbnyc: come on….

SoftLord: well really… what do you have, like
another 6 months? and then you might as well be

SoftLord: *giggles*

SoftLord: silly girl fishing for compliments

SoftLord: "quite hot" is always in my description
of you to other people…. its not the first thing,
but its on the list

SoftLord: and you know what would make that
easier… a PICTURE 😛

SoftLord: SoftLord: well really… what do you
have, like another 6 months? and then you might
as well be dead

SoftLord: *giggles*

SoftLord: silly girl fishing for compliments

SoftLord: "quite hot" is always in my description
of you to other people…. its not the first thing,
but its on the list

SoftLord: and you know what would make that
easier… a PICTURE 😛

SoftLord: my DSL connection and i are not on
speaking terms

SoftLord: fine… keep that ass firm, see if i care

SoftLord: oh wait i do… okay…

SoftLord: bbiab

chrrybmbnyc: what’s bbiab

Auto response from chrrybmbnyc: Back in a bit…

SoftLord: be back in a bit

SoftLord: er…thats what bbiab means\

SoftLord: and now i’ve missed you

SoftLord: and as usual i’ve gotten nothing

Auto response from chrrybmbnyc: I am away from
my computer right now.

chrrybmbnyc: hey you

chrrybmbnyc: now i’ve missed you too

chrrybmbnyc: drats

SoftLord: d’oh

SoftLord: dont you hate when that happens

SoftLord: okay come back here, IM tag is no fun

chrrybmbnyc: tag you’re it

SoftLord: so my computer plays the runaways
singin "hello daddy, hello mom" whenever you sign
on or come back from away

chrrybmbnyc: very cool

chrrybmbnyc: what should your sound bite be??

SoftLord: as long as its not pearl jam 😉

chrrybmbnyc: i hate pearl jam

chrrybmbnyc: maybe some concrete blond

SoftLord: *raises eyebrow* hmmm…

SoftLord: sorry… "Ten" is one of my top 5 albums

chrrybmbnyc: or maybe something much more naughty

SoftLord: they declined swiftly after that one,

chrrybmbnyc: i hate it when that happens

SoftLord: maybe…

SoftLord: whats more naughty than concrete

chrrybmbnyc: i have lots of nuaghty music

chrrybmbnyc: i’ll have to give this one some thought

SoftLord: take your time, i’m not goin anywhere

chrrybmbnyc: hhhmmm

chrrybmbnyc: so what were you doing while i was
getting all sweaty

SoftLord: getting all sweaty

chrrybmbnyc: how??

SoftLord: heh.. and once again not getting done
what i was supposed to get done this weekend…
you’re a bad influence

SoftLord: not cause of anything exciting…my
house is warm and i was doing laundry

chrrybmbnyc: what have you been neglecting?

chrrybmbnyc: love a man that does laundry

SoftLord: well it does need to get done after all

SoftLord: who’s gonna do it, my dad?

chrrybmbnyc: or the korean laundromat

SoftLord: oh..i have a washer/dryer in my house

chrrybmbnyc: so do i

chrrybmbnyc: i prefer to do my own laundry

chrrybmbnyc: good for the soul to take care of youself

chrrybmbnyc: r

SoftLord: so you dont have to explain the frilly
lace panties that say "enter here" with a down
arrow to the nice old korean lady

chrrybmbnyc: how did you know that i like slogans on
the front of my panties?

SoftLord: yes it is… i spoil myself worse than
anyone i know…

SoftLord: i guessed….

chrrybmbnyc: good gues

SoftLord: you’re like me and t-shirts

SoftLord: i thought you were a thong kinda gal

chrrybmbnyc: yes i prefer thongs – no panty lines.
panty lines are so tacky

SoftLord: ja

SoftLord: well…i dunno

chrrybmbnyc: about?

SoftLord: depends…sometimes they can be cute
if they’re intentional

chrrybmbnyc: like black full panties under something

SoftLord: yea

SoftLord: like that

chrrybmbnyc: that’s an outfit – thongs are real underwear

SoftLord: hehe… okay, we were talking function
rather than style

chrrybmbnyc: style mandates the use of lingerie as
clothing – always a crowd pleaser

SoftLord: sue used to drag me shopping to
victorias secret about 3 hours before we’d go out
clubbing cause she needed an outfit

chrrybmbnyc: good girl

SoftLord: heh… no… bad girl… but fun

chrrybmbnyc: i’ve graduated from victorias secret

SoftLord: wow… whats next?

chrrybmbnyc: she’d love agent provocateur on green
street – great corsets

SoftLord: will have to take her there then…

chrrybmbnyc: lots of fun

SoftLord: she’s going to egypt directly from here

SoftLord: *Sigh*

chrrybmbnyc: when does she leave?

SoftLord: for grad school

chrrybmbnyc: scary

chrrybmbnyc: what course of study

SoftLord: she’s in new orleans now (lives/d there)… coming up this thursday… staying for 2 weeks i think.. .and then off

SoftLord: anthropology

chrrybmbnyc: then that’s the spot

SoftLord: yup

chrrybmbnyc: any plans for those 2 days

SoftLord: just graduated from loyola and tulane with a double major

SoftLord: 2 weeks

chrrybmbnyc: so you have time to prepare

SoftLord: well we’ll prolly hang out as much as possible cause she can’t come back for awhile since its so expensive… trying not to think about it

chrrybmbnyc: you could take a trip

chrrybmbnyc: it’s off-season

SoftLord: yup… but i used to go to new orleans like twice or three times a year

chrrybmbnyc: great to have a friend in new orleans

SoftLord: some of us dont have as much disposable income as others 😉

chrrybmbnyc: generally, i don’t take any cash out of my business but if something comes up like Sardinia – i can go

SoftLord: i have bunches of friends in new orleans now…been there like 10 or 11 times… the city likes me… never felt a more pervasive
consciousness than the city of new orleans… you can totally tell if it wants you to be there…

chrrybmbnyc: its a very powerful city

chrrybmbnyc: great underground culture

SoftLord: yup

chrrybmbnyc: you sound so blue

SoftLord: i’m green 😛

chrrybmbnyc: green with envy?

SoftLord: what would i be envious of?

SoftLord: hey wow i stopped myself from making a corny joke…woo

chrrybmbnyc: and has control too

chrrybmbnyc: not bad

SoftLord: heh…every once in awhile

chrrybmbnyc: dinner??

SoftLord: ahh…a good question

chrrybmbnyc: i’m having chicken parmesan – jealous

SoftLord: sandwich or over pasta?

SoftLord: or some previously undetermined option

chrrybmbnyc: pasta

SoftLord: linguini?

chrrybmbnyc: yes

SoftLord: with garlic e oglio?

chrrybmbnyc: red sauce

SoftLord: ahhh

SoftLord: sounds yummy

chrrybmbnyc: can’t wait to eat it

SoftLord: i know that feeling

chrrybmbnyc: it was a very relaxing weekend – you?

SoftLord: definitely memorable 🙂

chrrybmbnyc: memorable for me too:-)

SoftLord: should i bug you about pictures again?

chrrybmbnyc: after we finish chatting i plan to post one

SoftLord: ooooh… tricky.

chrrybmbnyc: hhmmm do you sacrifice the chat for the

chrrybmbnyc: i think you’ve forgotten what i look like

SoftLord: you’re like 5’4 and blonde with like a
kangol hat, right?

chrrybmbnyc: ha ha

SoftLord: 😉

chrrybmbnyc: you suck

SoftLord: you suck 😛

chrrybmbnyc: i think you need a good slap

SoftLord: yeah but i’d probably just enjoy it

chrrybmbnyc: i hate that

SoftLord: sowwy

SoftLord: how can i ever make it up to ya

chrrybmbnyc: now that’s interesting

chrrybmbnyc: can a save the "get out of fail free" card

chrrybmbnyc: when i think of something good

SoftLord: boy jeremy, be careful what you wish

chrrybmbnyc: speaking to yourself or to me?

SoftLord: myself, out loud

SoftLord: so really to you as well

chrrybmbnyc: well i need more time to know what to
wish for

SoftLord: take all the time you need

chrrybmbnyc: i will

chrrybmbnyc: do you like orchids

SoftLord: i do

chrrybmbnyc: i used to have a great green house filled
with orchids

SoftLord: nice.. grew them yourself?

chrrybmbnyc: yes

SoftLord: thats a lot of work

chrrybmbnyc: somehow i had a touch with orchids – but
no other plant

chrrybmbnyc: i like to work

SoftLord: i’m impressed

chrrybmbnyc: why thank you

SoftLord: you’re multi-talented

chrrybmbnyc: and ambidextrous

chrrybmbnyc: if that’s how you spell it

chrrybmbnyc: rusty

SoftLord: i’m ambidextrous but only in my left

chrrybmbnyc: are you left-handed

SoftLord: yup

chrrybmbnyc: knew it

SoftLord: left-handed people are very creative

chrrybmbnyc: well that works for your extracurricular
activities tooooo

SoftLord: *giggle* it does…

SoftLord: then i can use my right and it feels like
someone else

chrrybmbnyc: now that would be interesting to watch

SoftLord: do you like watching guys jerk off?

chrrybmbnyc: not particularly – but it sounds unique

SoftLord: ah

chrrybmbnyc: have we talked about grooming?

chrrybmbnyc: i think we did

SoftLord: we have

SoftLord: yea..that first weekend

chrrybmbnyc: bad carlin bad carlin

SoftLord: *laff*… well now i’m on to you

SoftLord: 😉

chrrybmbnyc: you’re gonna get it:-P

SoftLord: i certainly hope so

chrrybmbnyc: be careful what you wish for, jeremy

SoftLord: ah yes… we covered that already

chrrybmbnyc: oh no we’re starting to get repetitive

chrrybmbnyc: what should we do?

SoftLord: well obviously we’ve run our course with
each other, so we should probably just part

chrrybmbnyc: and sardonic too

chrrybmbnyc: kind of frisky

SoftLord: oh i’m sorry, you’re still talking to me?

SoftLord: 😉

chrrybmbnyc: fuck you:-X

SoftLord: *giggle* :*

chrrybmbnyc: i’ll throw out a new question

SoftLord: shoot

chrrybmbnyc: most embarrassing experience

SoftLord: hmmm…

SoftLord: i dunno… i’m not that easily
embarrassed anymore… i’ll give you an anecdote
about it if you like

chrrybmbnyc: i like

SoftLord: so i was in my bosses office last
like…wednesday… and was in a rush to get
something to jackie, our head lawyer… so i’m
like… stalking out of his office toward legal which
is like 10 feet away and suddenly i slip on
something, stumble into the wall in an attempt to
get my footing back, slide on a stray basketball
that happened to be sitting there and go crashing
into a box of files

SoftLord: so i pick myself up, dust myself off, bow
left and right, say "thank you ladies and
gentleman, i’ll be here all week" and walk out

chrrybmbnyc: that’s great – i love a good slip and fall

SoftLord: cause, you know, whatever…everybody

SoftLord: might as well make it funny

chrrybmbnyc: i have this thing were i laugh
uncontrollably if i see someone fall – even children

chrrybmbnyc: i have a better one

SoftLord: plus i was in theater classes all through
junior high and high school, i know how to fall

chrrybmbnyc: interesting

SoftLord: mostly on the tech side… i can run
pretty much any lighting or sound board anywhere

SoftLord: and do set design

SoftLord: anyway… your story?

chrrybmbnyc: good to know – we’re always looking for
tech guys with your skills

chrrybmbnyc: i was at a company christmas party. I
was wearing this long velvet dress that was cut out on the
sides. very sexy. i got completely trashed and was
dancing all night. unbeknownst to me my dress had
pulled slightly to the right and my left breast was

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