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SoftLord: *staples you to AIM*

chrrybmbnyc: sounds painful

SoftLord: but only on the weekends

chrrybmbnyc: i guess i can take it

SoftLord: gotta be gentle the first time

chrrybmbnyc: yeah right

SoftLord: hmph

SoftLord: i’ve only been with one virgin, and i was
plenty gentle

chrrybmbnyc: what’s hmph

chrrybmbnyc: sorry i’m not a virgin

SoftLord: no need to apologize

chrrybmbnyc: not apologizing – just being sarcastic

SoftLord: so was i…hehe

chrrybmbnyc: me a virgin – good one

SoftLord: how old were you?

chrrybmbnyc: bold question

chrrybmbnyc: 16

SoftLord: this is not going to turn into a "how
many sexual partners have you had"

SoftLord: converstaion

SoftLord: *doesn’t care*..heh

chrrybmbnyc: you’re the one steering

SoftLord: i was just curious

chrrybmbnyc: seems like

SoftLord: there was no follow-up

chrrybmbnyc: suit yourself

SoftLord: i miss swing revival

SoftLord: always do

chrrybmbnyc: actually i never did keep a tally

chrrybmbnyc: not about how many

SoftLord: *shrug* not my business, really

SoftLord: i’m no holden

chrrybmbnyc: holden who

SoftLord: holden from chasing amy

chrrybmbnyc: is he from dawson’s creek

SoftLord: pbbt… howd you know i like dawsons

chrrybmbnyc: oh yes now i get the reference

chrrybmbnyc: your age

SoftLord: hehe

SoftLord: guilty pleasure

SoftLord: since 90210 went off the air

chrrybmbnyc: so gen y

SoftLord: well i AM

SoftLord: actually

SoftLord: i’m like… on the border between X and

chrrybmbnyc: yes you are

SoftLord: generationally

chrrybmbnyc: your definitely a y though

SoftLord: i dunno… i was also listening to
whitesnake at work today

SoftLord: and i own ridiculous amounts of Muppet
Show memorabilia

chrrybmbnyc: really – miss piggy

SoftLord: i’m partial to Dr. Teeth… he’s the man

SoftLord: i have the jim henson "Think Different"

poster up on my wall in my room

chrrybmbnyc: loved the show when blondie did the

SoftLord: and all the released episodes on VHS,
and a kermit doll, and some of the action figures
at work

SoftLord: muppets rock…cause they’re totally
multi-layered and clever

chrrybmbnyc: isn’t his son starting something new

SoftLord: his son runs henson inc… they just
bought back all the shares of their company from
this german comp that had bought them out

chrrybmbnyc: oohhh interesting

chrrybmbnyc: where are we going again wednesday

SoftLord: release party for Party Monster

SoftLord: @Plaid

chrrybmbnyc: thanks.

SoftLord: by invite only

SoftLord: i had to give the name of my +1 when i

chrrybmbnyc: of course

SoftLord: impressed yet? *vomit*

chrrybmbnyc: so impressed i almost want to blow you

SoftLord: iiinteresting

chrrybmbnyc: right

SoftLord: lol

SoftLord: i was gonna say.. if thats all it

chrrybmbnyc: lol right back

chrrybmbnyc: fuck you

chrrybmbnyc: ass

SoftLord: i was GONNA say but i didn’t

SoftLord: sensitive tonight arent we 😛

chrrybmbnyc: i can take it – just like fucking with you

SoftLord: apparently 🙂

chrrybmbnyc: O:-)

SoftLord: ALMOST a better sentence…hehe

SoftLord: hey, want a preview of the new
Sevendust record?

chrrybmbnyc: yes yes yes


SoftLord: before even the eTeam hears it

SoftLord: #1 most added at active rock and alt.
rock this week 🙂

chrrybmbnyc: thank you

SoftLord: NOW have we gotten past the "almost"
thing? 😉

chrrybmbnyc: almost what???

SoftLord: almost want to blow me

chrrybmbnyc: guess you’ll have to work on that

SoftLord: lol

chrrybmbnyc: lol – you’re simple answer to everything

SoftLord: tis better to give than receive anyway

chrrybmbnyc: good job

SoftLord: thanks

chrrybmbnyc: =-O

SoftLord: *shrug* i dunno.. giving head is such a
‘chore’ for a lot of people that it tends to not be
worth it to me… not that i’ve had tons of
experience… but you know… what gets me off is
when people WANT to be doing something,
whether its head or anything else… not the
actual act

chrrybmbnyc: absolutely – it’s about passion

SoftLord: right

chrrybmbnyc: i would never want to think someone was
with me and didn’t want to be there

SoftLord: if someone were to be suckin on cock
like they were drowning and cum was oxygen…
thats something… more than just "oh jeez, he
wants it again… oh well gotta go get it over
with… he DID go to the opera with me"

chrrybmbnyc: problems???

chrrybmbnyc: we won’t go to the opera

SoftLord: lol… just as an example

SoftLord: i didn’t say MY cock

chrrybmbnyc: one can only assume

SoftLord: i was stating a hypothetical situation
about nobody in particular 😛

chrrybmbnyc: : P right back

SoftLord: ever watch Six Feet Under?

chrrybmbnyc: yes love it

SoftLord: i have these great remixes of the main
title theme

chrrybmbnyc: ooohh impressive

SoftLord: i was offering to send them to you, not
showin off my wares 😛

chrrybmbnyc: send away and show me your wears

softlord wants to send file G:\Download\Napster\-
Singles\thomas newman – six feet under\Thomas
Newman – Six Feet Under (Ananda Project

chrrybmbnyc: very cool

SoftLord: ah ha! connection!

chrrybmbnyc: it’s transferring

SoftLord: i’m filling you up with music

chrrybmbnyc: i was about to make a "filling up"
reference but hesitated

SoftLord: oh… well i guess one of us had to take

chrrybmbnyc: i left it for you

SoftLord: gotta be quick on the trigger, C

chrrybmbnyc: oh i’m quick on the trigger – didn’t know if
you could handle it

SoftLord: *looks at you* i have not yet begun to
get dirty 😉

chrrybmbnyc: *looks back* go for it

SoftLord: dont think i wont

chrrybmbnyc: ooohhhh the gauntlet is down

SoftLord: you…shall…not….PASSSSSSSSSSS

chrrybmbnyc: none shall PASSSSSSSSSSSSSS

SoftLord: right

SoftLord: that too

SoftLord: and i wore my "bush is sauron, save the
shire" shirt today too

chrrybmbnyc: almost time for creamy, cherry, chocolate

SoftLord: *hangs head*

SoftLord: carlins creamy cherry

SoftLord: chocolate cake

chrrybmbnyc: just where you should be

chrrybmbnyc: hold on – have to set up the dvd for lame

SoftLord: where? near your creamy cherry?

SoftLord: channel 3 you morons!

SoftLord: 🙂

chrrybmbnyc received G:\Download\Napster\-
Singles\thomas newman – six feet under\Thomas
Newman – Six Feet Under (Ananda Project

SoftLord: what, did you have to BUILD the dvd

Auto response from chrrybmbnyc: I am away from
my computer right now.

chrrybmbnyc: good morning

Auto response from chrrybmbnyc: Ah love, thy
name is nap. Back soon, don’t miss me too much!

SoftLord: howdy

chrrybmbnyc: sorry i couldn’t chat – can’t watch a dvd
and be on the computer

SoftLord: a likely story

SoftLord: 🙂

chrrybmbnyc: what did you do instead

chrrybmbnyc: 😉

SoftLord: ummmm…nooothin

chrrybmbnyc: sounds interesting

SoftLord: *giggle* oh it was

chrrybmbnyc: share

SoftLord: went quotehunting…. talked music with
my friend from BET…

chrrybmbnyc: sounds like fun

SoftLord: twas

chrrybmbnyc: any quotes?

SoftLord: "No friend like music when the last
word’s spoken and every pleading is a plea in
vain; no friend like music when the heart is
broken, to mend its wings and give it flight again."
–Daniel Whitehead Hicky

SoftLord: oh i know what i wanted to make you

chrrybmbnyc: yes…

SoftLord: whichever email you check more
regularly… send a blank message to

SoftLord: its a quotes list me and my friends run

SoftLord: we send out quotes every couple of

chrrybmbnyc: done

chrrybmbnyc: i have some interesting quotes

SoftLord: "You cannot find yourself, only create
yourself." –Anne B. Sekel

chrrybmbnyc: "I have loved unselfishly and I have
fondled hatred with the hot tongsof hell – that’s living" –
Zora Neal Hurston

chrrybmbnyc: love that one

SoftLord: hot tongs of hell… sounds like a
scandinavian metal band

chrrybmbnyc: ha ha

SoftLord: "The most violent element in society is
ignorance." –Emma Goldman

chrrybmbnyc: "Beauty is only an invitation for abuse" –
Marilyn Monroe

SoftLord: heh… yeah i like that one too

SoftLord: "People are like stained glass windows;
they sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but
when the darkness sets in their true beauty is
revealed only if there is a light within." -Elisabeth

chrrybmbnyc: don’t know if i can top that one

chrrybmbnyc: too early in the morning

SoftLord: its okay i’m just copy+pasting from my
collection anyway

chrrybmbnyc: and here i am pulling from memory – i see
how it goes

SoftLord: well its not my fault you dont have ’em
written down 😛

chrrybmbnyc: don’t have them on my home computer

SoftLord: ahh

chrrybmbnyc: i need some software to tie into my
computer at work but too lazy

SoftLord: what OS are you usin at work?

chrrybmbnyc: windows xp i think

SoftLord: microsoft makes something called
Remote Desktop Connection, which is a free
download… its a bit of a security issue for your
firewall, though….

chrrybmbnyc: what do you suggest

chrrybmbnyc: since you’re the tech guru

SoftLord: well… RDC would be okay… theres also
this program called Timbuktu that might work…

chrrybmbnyc: should i download it – then what do i do.
not very adept at setting things up

SoftLord: client-to-client thing so it has to be on
both computers… then you have to have your
tech guy @pseudo open up one of the ports on
the firewall… it should be pretty easy for an IT

chrrybmbnyc: sounds easy thanks

SoftLord: dont mention it

chrrybmbnyc: gee you picked up both checks and set
me up with free software

SoftLord: i didn’t say it was free

chrrybmbnyc: touche

SoftLord: 🙂

chrrybmbnyc: =-O

SoftLord: its only money anyway

chrrybmbnyc: money is the easy thing but…

SoftLord: "The real measure of our wealth is how
much we would be worth if we lost our money."
-J.H. Jowett

chrrybmbnyc: and how many relationships would remain

SoftLord: would you still have friends

SoftLord: as billie would say

chrrybmbnyc: probably half and half – in the last 2 years
business has been a challenge so i’ve played poverty and
got rid of the hangers-on. cleaned house. i have 1-2
people in my life who would probably be there

SoftLord: a good plan

chrrybmbnyc: killed two birds with one stone

SoftLord: hopefully i’m on that list somewhere

chrrybmbnyc: you’re new to the list and unproven but on
your way

SoftLord: shootin up the charts

SoftLord: heh

SoftLord: you’ve found me out, C…i’m after your

chrrybmbnyc: older woman with money – i get it

SoftLord: oy

chrrybmbnyc: oy what

SoftLord: you know me enough by now… and you
know how 22-23 year old girls are… on what
planet would their company keep me interested?

chrrybmbnyc: most likely no

SoftLord: so this whole ‘older woman’

chrrybmbnyc: played?

SoftLord: irrelivant

chrrybmbnyc: i see

SoftLord: woo…three‘s company season 1 coming
to dvd spring 2004

chrrybmbnyc: preodering yours

SoftLord: thats my favorite line from Friends

chrrybmbnyc: ha ha

SoftLord: phoebe’s flipping through channels and
on threes company…chandler walks in,
sees whats on and says "oh, this must be the
episode of threes company where theres some
sort of misunderstanding"… phoebe takes a beat
and says "oh, then i’ve seen this one" and keeps

chrrybmbnyc: didn’t know you were a friends fan

SoftLord: it has its moment

SoftLord: s

chrrybmbnyc: ss

SoftLord: right

chrrybmbnyc: can’t forget the s

SoftLord: unless its for savings

chrrybmbnyc: very good

SoftLord: i try

chrrybmbnyc: try to please???

SoftLord: ‘course

SoftLord: and please to try

chrrybmbnyc: like the inversion

SoftLord: i tr—no, i think we just did that

chrrybmbnyc: yes – can’t repeat things if you want to
keep the attention of an older woman

SoftLord: now you’re just baiting me

chrrybmbnyc: it’s fun

SoftLord: i do catch on eventually

SoftLord: hehe

chrrybmbnyc: you catch on faster than most

SoftLord: most people are idiots

chrrybmbnyc: a sad fact

chrrybmbnyc: sun is coming out

chrrybmbnyc: yeah

SoftLord: woo

SoftLord: did you get to the remix i sent?

chrrybmbnyc: no i haven’t – just talking about it with

chrrybmbnyc: have to find it now – can’t remember where
i put it

SoftLord: the memory is the first thing to go

chrrybmbnyc: fuck you

SoftLord: pay cash up front like everyone else

SoftLord: *duck*

chrrybmbnyc: is that how you make extra cash

SoftLord: a nickel at a time…a nickel at a time

chrrybmbnyc: just a nickel – within my budget

SoftLord: for you, $10

SoftLord: first one’s free tho

chrrybmbnyc: why do i pay more than the 22-23 year
old girls

chrrybmbnyc: like a drug dealer – but you must hae to
put in a lot of effort. if i don’t like the freebie then why
would i pay for it

chrrybmbnyc: what’s the name of the music file you

SoftLord: hold

chrrybmbnyc: hold what

SoftLord: your horses

SoftLord: Thomas Newman – Six Feet Under
(Ananda Project Mix).mp3

chrrybmbnyc: searching will find it

SoftLord: er…yes

SoftLord: My Aim…Edit Options…Edit
Preferences…File Transfer will tell you as well

SoftLord: unless you moved it

chrrybmbnyc: thought it would go into my shared folder

chrrybmbnyc: playing now

chrrybmbnyc: do you play this when you’re getting giggy

SoftLord: na na na na nana na

chrrybmbnyc: knew you were a freak

SoftLord: you have no idea

SoftLord: hehe

chrrybmbnyc: a glimpse

SoftLord: its tropical, i think… ananda project is
really good

SoftLord: and i loooove me some thomas newman

chrrybmbnyc: that’s not freaky enough

SoftLord: didn’t know i was supposed to be being

chrrybmbnyc: just following the crumbs

softlord wants to send file G:\Download\Napster\-
Singles\thomas newman – six feet under\Thomas

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