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chrrybmbnyc: you’re awake

SoftLord: i am

SoftLord: mostly

chrrybmbnyc: all i can say is that chain saws such

chrrybmbnyc: suck

SoftLord: *raises eyebrow* you choppin up bodies again?

chrrybmbnyc: my parents are doing some sort of renovations that require the removal of a tree

SoftLord: ahhhh

chrrybmbnyc: why are you conscious?

SoftLord: cause apparently even when my alarm is off i can’t sleep thru it

chrrybmbnyc: body rhythm?

SoftLord: apparently

SoftLord: so i’m sitting and having tea

chrrybmbnyc: well i planned to sleep until 2 – now i don’t know what to do with myself

SoftLord: *cough*

chrrybmbnyc: what kind of tea

SoftLord: tension tamer

chrrybmbnyc: feeling tense

SoftLord: after our evening last night? *grin*

chrrybmbnyc: it was an unusual evening

chrrybmbnyc: sounds like you had some fun

SoftLord: i thought that was probably pretty apparent

chrrybmbnyc: yes now i remember

SoftLord: it was fun, yes.. more due to the company than the venue, but yea

SoftLord: yeah… i’ms ure that’d just slipped your mind

chrrybmbnyc: yeah i don’t think i’ll be there again – just had to show my face

SoftLord: course

chrrybmbnyc: so next time i see you it will be jeremy’s choice

SoftLord: oh i wasn’t complaining believe me

chrrybmbnyc: didn’t say you were complaining – did i?

SoftLord: true enough… just didn’t want you to think i didn’t enjoy myself or that it was a chose

SoftLord: choRe

chrrybmbnyc: let’s see – you crashed a party with lots of posers to ridicule and had the general counsel of pseudo rub her body all over you. not a bad evening

SoftLord: oh yeah… you do that too… i forgot

SoftLord: youre weird 😛

SoftLord: i like you not your job

chrrybmbnyc: just speaking in generalities

SoftLord: job just means you’re only a few blocks away during the day

chrrybmbnyc: 😛

SoftLord: i know… just seems like you get a lot of people ‘interested’ cause of your position rather than cause of u 😛

chrrybmbnyc: thanks alot

SoftLord: no i mean

SoftLord: they’re idiots

chrrybmbnyc: keep digging the hole

SoftLord: lol

SoftLord: mean!

SoftLord: its not even 11am! 😛

chrrybmbnyc: i’m just a girl

SoftLord: just lil ol me

chrrybmbnyc: comes naturally

SoftLord: i know

SoftLord: i could *cough* tell 😉

chrrybmbnyc: oohhh

SoftLord: course i’m the one who’s been walking aroudn uncomfortably all mornin…heh

chrrybmbnyc: ha ha

SoftLord: so isn’t it a glorious day, speaking of which

chrrybmbnyc: change the subject

SoftLord: okay…or not

SoftLord: whateva 😛

chrrybmbnyc: well it’s not raining yet

SoftLord: we can continue to talk about increasing levels of sexual frustration if you like… 😉

chrrybmbnyc: started a little last night at 4:30

SoftLord: its rainin here, so should be headed your way soon

chrrybmbnyc: ah ha

SoftLord: not pourin, but noticable

chrrybmbnyc: i think i’m hungry

SoftLord: yea…i know the feelin

SoftLord: i dont think i have anything to eat 🙁

chrrybmbnyc: i would love a homemade waffle with fresh fruit and maple syrup

chrrybmbnyc: hhmm

SoftLord: ooh

chrrybmbnyc: can you make waffles?

SoftLord: yup… haven’t in ages tho… wonder if i still have a waffle iron…

SoftLord: i make yummy belgian waffles

chrrybmbnyc: that’s what i want

SoftLord: 7a makes this rum butter sauce for waffles thats like… an orgasm in a cup… been trying to duplicate… its prolly just butter and rum
flavoring and sugar

chrrybmbnyc: talk about frustration

SoftLord: lol

SoftLord: true

chrrybmbnyc: you did that on purpose

SoftLord: maybe

SoftLord: 😉

chrrybmbnyc: absolutely

chrrybmbnyc: >:o

SoftLord: *Grin* well maybe now we’re even 😉

chrrybmbnyc: we can never be even. i’m a minx

SoftLord: you’re something, alright

chrrybmbnyc: i have one issue: i think i said too much at that TVT party where you fed me liquor all night

SoftLord: said too much?

SoftLord: about?

SoftLord: ohhhh

SoftLord: just in general?

SoftLord: *leaves the ‘you fed me liquor’ comment alone*

chrrybmbnyc: yes. everytime i say something you remind me that i’ve told you that already

SoftLord: well it wasn’t all at that party

chrrybmbnyc: walk?

SoftLord: some of it was IMs and some of it was phone convo… you’re just not used to people remembering what you say 😛

chrrybmbnyc: very true

chrrybmbnyc: i rely on most people not listening to anything i say or remembering it

SoftLord: well then this is gonna suck for you 😉

chrrybmbnyc: so adam was quite upset you didn’t come home with u slast night. he went on and on in the car about it.

SoftLord: aw

SoftLord: adam was upset, huh

SoftLord: i sowwy… didnt’ know ‘how it would look’…

chrrybmbnyc: it would have been interesting

chrrybmbnyc: adam loves nothing more than cramming our house with people and making breakfast for everyone

chrrybmbnyc: he needs a restaurant

SoftLord: lol… he’s such a hostess

chrrybmbnyc: i think the driver wanted to kill him last night. he kept making him change the radio channel

SoftLord: yea i’m sure it would’ve been a good time had by all… but i dunno that i had the energy to deal with all of that

chrrybmbnyc: no, you have to work up to something like that

SoftLord: meetin the folks and all 😉

chrrybmbnyc: this place is wonderfully insane

chrrybmbnyc: it’s bizarro world. nothing is average or predictable

chrrybmbnyc: trust me

SoftLord: soudna bout right, considering who it turned out

SoftLord: sounds, dammit

SoftLord: i CAN type

SoftLord: yea…something to work up to…

SoftLord: or something to do when one is more awake..hehe

chrrybmbnyc: it’s addictive. why i have difficulty leaving but will soon. i did find an apartment i like in Murray Hill but mentioned it to shelly last night and he was thrilled –
he lives in murray hill. nix that one

SoftLord: fuck

SoftLord: oh well

SoftLord: oh, so yatti (sic) comes up to me last night while slimeboy was "dancing" with you and goes "you’re the only one who’s allowed to dance
with her like that…
i’m watchin it." or something like that

chrrybmbnyc: which slimeboy

SoftLord: dvd distro

chrrybmbnyc: i hate him. i dont’ know if you say me but he grabbed my breast from behind and i elbowed him in teh chest

chrrybmbnyc: sounds like yatti likes you

chrrybmbnyc: he’s so cute

SoftLord: did not…i woulda grabbed you outta there earlier

SoftLord: he is

chrrybmbnyc: that’s so something he would say

SoftLord: i toldja… all the tough lookin guys like that i know are totally teddybears

SoftLord: what can i say…i’m likable

SoftLord: 😉

chrrybmbnyc: now i feel bad that we ditched him at burger king. he called me twice but i didn’t catch him in time

SoftLord: d’oh

SoftLord: well.. he knew where we were going… blame the alcohol

chrrybmbnyc: he did?

SoftLord: everyone seemed convinced that he did last night

chrrybmbnyc: we were all behaved last night. i could tell you stories about yatti

SoftLord: i’m sure

chrrybmbnyc: we’ve gotten into some real trouble out drinking

SoftLord: understandable…yer all a bunch of troublemakers

chrrybmbnyc: did you see solaris with george clooney

SoftLord: newp..never got to it… por quoi?

chrrybmbnyc: just found a stack of rentals: chicago, solaris, life of david gale, adn head of state.

SoftLord: ahhh

SoftLord: head of state i hear is really funny

chrrybmbnyc: here comes the rain

SoftLord: haven’t seen any of ‘e

SoftLord: m

chrrybmbnyc: entertainment good

SoftLord: david gale sucked, tho…my dad saw

SoftLord: oh see now i wish i’d come over… rainy day movie days are fun :/

chrrybmbnyc: love kevin spacy but heard that same thing

SoftLord: ya

chrrybmbnyc: it’s pretty phat here

SoftLord: my house is similar… tho not as crowded

chrrybmbnyc: never hear much about your house

SoftLord: its got a similar vibe to adam’s office room… very mellow

chrrybmbnyc: cock roaches??

SoftLord: sue mentioned that

chrrybmbnyc: mentioned what?

SoftLord: hmm… not that i notice… probably somewhere

SoftLord: mentioend that pseudo has a similar vibe to my house

chrrybmbnyc: interesting

SoftLord: or bizdev does anyway

chrrybmbnyc: loft with ghetto fab charm

chrrybmbnyc: ?

SoftLord: heh…well… more like quirky artist/gadgetgeek charm

SoftLord: half of it is my dad’s studio space…

chrrybmbnyc: i would agree – has more of an artist feel to it.

chrrybmbnyc: so continue…

SoftLord: theres only 4 enclosed rooms (home theater room, my room, bathroom, my dads room)..and the rest is open space

chrrybmbnyc: what sort of art does he do in his studio?

SoftLord: its 100 ft from end to end and 35 feet wide at the widest point


SoftLord: that kind

chrrybmbnyc: love Another Day, September, and Nocturnal 3.

chrrybmbnyc: pouring now

SoftLord: "worlds" is upin my room

SoftLord: its me

SoftLord: as is nocturnal 7

SoftLord: er…n7 is up in my room…dunno if its anyone in parti ular

SoftLord: particular

chrrybmbnyc: so you have art everywhere around you – brat

SoftLord: yea pretty much

SoftLord: both my parents are artists…

chrrybmbnyc: explains alot

chrrybmbnyc: only one of my parents is an artist


SoftLord: also up in my room

SoftLord: i wish that wasn’t such an awful scan..

chrrybmbnyc: very spoiled

SoftLord: hey, i like beauty around me…what can i say

SoftLord: actually that last one was a gift from the artist

chrrybmbnyc: hence the addiction to beauty

SoftLord: hey i think my addiction to beauty has work out pretty well so far

chrrybmbnyc: like i said brat

SoftLord: *grin* okay…

SoftLord: maybe a little 😉

chrrybmbnyc: you know you are

SoftLord: yeah okay…you win

chrrybmbnyc: i always win

SoftLord: you’re the one who was all rubbin up against me last night tho, so what does that make you 😛

SoftLord: *raises eyebrow* we’ll see 😛

SoftLord: and if you say ‘drunk’, so help me

chrrybmbnyc: wasn’t drunk last night. so must be legitemate feelings

SoftLord: uh oh

SoftLord: 😉

chrrybmbnyc: now you’re fucked

SoftLord: yea… me too

chrrybmbnyc: ha ha

SoftLord: now? *checks watch*

SoftLord: hmmm

chrrybmbnyc: hmmm too

SoftLord: i’m enjoying the pace we have going now

chrrybmbnyc: you’ve said that before.

SoftLord: have i?

SoftLord: hmm

chrrybmbnyc: yes you have

SoftLord: well okay

SoftLord: then i have

SoftLord: not that there haven’t been thoughts of locking you and i in your office and licking you til you can’t walk….

SoftLord: O:-)

chrrybmbnyc: don’t tempt me

SoftLord: why not?

chrrybmbnyc: would beguile you i think

SoftLord: hmm… how so

chrrybmbnyc: have to think about this response a little

SoftLord: take your time

chrrybmbnyc: that sort of intimacy with me can be overwhelming

SoftLord: well thats no less vague than your previous statement

SoftLord: did you mean in an emotional sense or in the like… ‘i’m a screamer’ sense

chrrybmbnyc: i have an ability to expose myself physically and emotionally and completely penetrate you on the same plains

chrrybmbnyc: if that makes sense

SoftLord: hold

SoftLord: well… what flashes of emotional and physical vulnerability i’ve felt from you so far makes me want to learn more about you on so many
more levels… but if this is gonna be a real thing then the intimacy thing is important and lockin ourselves in your office, while it sounds fun, doesn’t
really get to that point

SoftLord: at least not til theres further connection on those levels

chrrybmbnyc: how did you get so smark?

chrrybmbnyc: smart

chrrybmbnyc: not you’re average boy

SoftLord: i didn’t have any friends in high school

SoftLord: 🙂

SoftLord: hehe…thats not true actually…but…

chrrybmbnyc: sounds like a good story

SoftLord: yea

chrrybmbnyc: maybe a ham sandwich with lots of crunchy lettuce

SoftLord: i dunno… i just do really like you, and the glimpses you’ve given me under the surface have not made me less interested in getting at the
real you

SoftLord: great…change the subject and make my comment sound all out of place, why dontcha

SoftLord: 😉

chrrybmbnyc: glad to have kept your interest

chrrybmbnyc: we can stay on this subject – just hungry

SoftLord: lol… nows the time when you stroke me a little too, ya know 😛

chrrybmbnyc: well i was impressed that you accompanied me last night. it’s very easy to like you. too easy. there isn’t anything that i don’t like about you. i think our
personalities meld well which is the most important thing
really. i’m looking forward to getting to know you. like the

SoftLord: i’m sure you’ll find something… but
thats what makes it interesting… and agreed on
all counts

SoftLord: i’m easy but not simple

chrrybmbnyc: what’s easy??

SoftLord: and i’m glad you miss me 🙂

SoftLord: easy like… to get along with…
unstressful… i try to keep it that way

SoftLord: i dont like adding bad stuff to peoples

SoftLord: too much crap floating around without
me adding to it

chrrybmbnyc: when it comes to business i’m extremely
aggressive and type a. so when it comes to my personal
life i’m very relaxed and mellow. life is simple if you make
it that way. hence my divorce

SoftLord: agreed

SoftLord: which is why people who makes things
difficult for themselves for no reason drive us
both mad

chrrybmbnyc: agreed

softlord wants to send file

chrrybmbnyc: i think that you’re personal life is your
release. it’s really just about good friends, holidays,
sipping wine in front of fire places, and such

SoftLord: mine? or in general

SoftLord: love wine and fireplaces

SoftLord: and like… billie holiday and comfy pillow

chrrybmbnyc: my favorite past time. another reason
that it’s hard to leave here. have a great fire place

chrrybmbnyc: exactly

SoftLord: oh…jeez

SoftLord: yeah…

SoftLord: me and sue used to go down by battery
park city with a bottle of cheap white zinfandel
and just sit by the water and drink and talk all
night… some of my fondest memories

chrrybmbnyc: adam likes to break open the korsendonk
and talk for hours in front of our fire place

SoftLord: by himself? or….

SoftLord: 😉

chrrybmbnyc: with me and fran

SoftLord: now… ilove your brother and all… but
i’m not sure at this point that i’d put conversation
with him as a ‘mellow’ activity…admittedly i
haven’t been in that situation

chrrybmbnyc: don’t like frantic energy???

chrrybmbnyc: hold on

SoftLord: didn’t say that

SoftLord: said i wouldn’t call it mel

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