Private Journal – Keep Out.


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chrrybmbnyc: are you home already

Auto response from chrrybmbnyc: Ah love, thy
name is nap. Back soon, don’t miss me too much!

chrrybmbnyc: pretty clever

SoftLord: come baaack

Auto response from chrrybmbnyc: I am away from
my computer right now.

chrrybmbnyc: here

SoftLord: yay

chrrybmbnyc: how was your nap?

SoftLord: better than nothing

SoftLord: i can think now, mostly

chrrybmbnyc: you better rest up

SoftLord: is that a threat?

chrrybmbnyc: if you still want to play

chrrybmbnyc: tomorrow

SoftLord: of course

chrrybmbnyc: how are you going to entertain me?

SoftLord: its a secret

chrrybmbnyc: ooohhh

chrrybmbnyc: love secrets

chrrybmbnyc: give me a hint

SoftLord: i definitely want you to see the place…

SoftLord: i feel like i should have a grand scheme

chrrybmbnyc: not at all

chrrybmbnyc: just playing with you

chrrybmbnyc: but i will crash your pad

SoftLord: i know

chrrybmbnyc: should i bring anything

chrrybmbnyc: ?

SoftLord: whipped cream and chocolate syrup

SoftLord: we can make sundaes! 😉

chrrybmbnyc: took the wind out of my witty retort

SoftLord: oops

SoftLord: sorry

SoftLord: lets try it again

chrrybmbnyc: only sorry for you

SoftLord: whipped cream and chocolate syrup

chrrybmbnyc: jeremy, chocolate syrup, whipped cream,
adn a cherry on top. yummy

SoftLord: whos cherry?

chrrybmbnyc: fuck you

SoftLord: not who’s cherry

SoftLord: WHOSE cherry

chrrybmbnyc: nice come back

SoftLord: well it is what i meant

chrrybmbnyc: steve thinks that i shouldn’t talk to you

SoftLord: reallly…why’s that

chrrybmbnyc: he says that i’m bad news and that you’re
too young and nice – guess i’ll corrupt you

SoftLord: people keep saying that about you

chrrybmbnyc: who

SoftLord: that you’re too much for me to handle

chrrybmbnyc: jackie? dan?

SoftLord: no, jackie adores you

chrrybmbnyc: and i said who not what

chrrybmbnyc: that’s because i gave her props for the
tongue ring

SoftLord: dan, steve, ed…

chrrybmbnyc: dan is just jealous

SoftLord: with good reasonj

SoftLord: the other two are not exactly impartial

SoftLord: but every time i get in a relationship
(not that thats a ton of times) … people always
say that… "i duno dude… you’re so nice… be
careful with that one"

SoftLord: its funny

SoftLord: like i’m a delicate flower…

chrrybmbnyc: he came up to me that night while we
were dancing – and said that "young jeremy needs to be
broken in and you’re just the woman to do it"

chrrybmbnyc: dan

SoftLord: nice

SoftLord: i love how everyone butts in to our
personal life…heh

chrrybmbnyc: well isn’t that why you brought me

SoftLord: no, i brought you there cause i wanted
your company…

SoftLord: well.. and to show you off a bit 😉

chrrybmbnyc: i know

SoftLord: i’ll have you know, i got shit from alex
for bringing you 😛

chrrybmbnyc: figured – know her type

SoftLord: well…i mean

SoftLord: for not bringing her

chrrybmbnyc: i got it

SoftLord: heheh

SoftLord: yeah… you do know her type

SoftLord: but she’s good people

SoftLord: was thinkin we should get drinks with
her an steve

SoftLord: at some point

chrrybmbnyc: great people – 27 and broke it off with the
husband potential. In extreme need for male attention all
the time. loves to tease male friends. wants to be

chrrybmbnyc: that would be fun

SoftLord: very self-involved, but not in like an
arrogant way… its just kinda all about her,
although other people are important to her… a

SoftLord: but she’s also sweet and a good listener
and fun and funny

chrrybmbnyc: it’s not about narcisissm. it’s about
craving attention. should be in the spotlight

SoftLord: ja.. like… when she sees someone with
cool shoes or whatever her immediate response is
"i hate you where did you get those?"

SoftLord: heheh… but as i said…she’s fun 🙂

chrrybmbnyc: caddy fun

SoftLord: true

chrrybmbnyc: quality entertainment

SoftLord: so i was thinking tomorrow just like…
chinese and DVDs… maybe hang out up on the
roof and eat, depending on the weather

chrrybmbnyc: fun

SoftLord: i duno… should i still be trying to
impress you with going out to places and stuff?
i’m all for skippin right to the good stuff…. but
you know, dont think that i’m bein lazy

chrrybmbnyc: having someone over to your house is
anything but lazy. i go out all the time. i get so sick of it.
sick of the food. sick of the people. plus i was supposed
to be in Boston tomorrow at Harvard. On a panel on IP
law compliments of Shelly. and guess…rooms for the
weekend. no fucking way.

SoftLord: k… i’m just more of a fan of quiet nights
at home with someone special than a whole
thing… but i know for a lot of people that comes
later in a relationship… i’m glad that it sounds
good to you too

chrrybmbnyc: you’re such a cheese ball. :-*

SoftLord: *blush* i know i know… and i think too

SoftLord: okay i’m stoppin now…

chrrybmbnyc: what do you think of Interpol?

SoftLord: so yeah… some food, i got Chicago,
About A Boy and Three Kings from NetFlix, will
save ’em for us… have a ton of other stuff… and
i’m sure we’ll find ways to entertain ourselves

SoftLord: they’re okay for a Joy Division cover

chrrybmbnyc: i love it when you rip music

chrrybmbnyc: what’s About a Boy??

SoftLord: Hugh Grant romantic comedy thing

SoftLord: based on a book by the guy who wrote
High Fidelity

chrrybmbnyc: oh yeah

SoftLord: Based on Nick Hornby’s popular British
novel, About A Boy is a comedy-drama starring
Hugh Grant as Will, a rich, child-free and
irresponsible Londoner in his thirties who, in
search of available women, invents an imaginary
son and starts attending single parent meetings.
As a result of one of his liaisons, he meets
Marcus, an odd 12-year-old boy with problems at
school. Gradually, Will and Marcus become friends,
and as Will teaches Marcus how to be a cool kid,
Marcus helps Will to finally grow up.

SoftLord: universals summary

chrrybmbnyc: thought you had dial up

SoftLord: newp…DSL

SoftLord: por quoi

chrrybmbnyc: check it out

chrrybmbnyc: i thought you were complaining once
about the juice or lack thereof

chrrybmbnyc: what are you doing???

SoftLord: my DSL sucks

chrrybmbnyc: right

SoftLord: but yea…its there

SoftLord: thats why file xfers are pretty quick
between us

chrrybmbnyc: quick fix…

SoftLord: ..?

chrrybmbnyc: just whirling off

SoftLord: wheee

SoftLord: come back come back! 🙂

chrrybmbnyc: sorry….adam wanted to check his
updates on pseudo

SoftLord: just cause you whirled off…nevermind

SoftLord: heh

chrrybmbnyc: exactly…he say a break

chrrybmbnyc: Toby lives

chrrybmbnyc: despite the pills

SoftLord: just gonna have to try harder last time

SoftLord: maybe leave some syringes lyin around

chrrybmbnyc: what about a needle and thread??

SoftLord: oooh

SoftLord: i like how you think

chrrybmbnyc: that’s what i told steve. i told him that
you liked my insanity.

SoftLord: how about thumbtacks

chrrybmbnyc: even better and less work

SoftLord: ah…so we’ve been found out, have we

chrrybmbnyc: just a little. just as friends

SoftLord: well we are friends

SoftLord: just you know… friends who make
out…and…. stuff

chrrybmbnyc: correctamundo

chrrybmbnyc: i don’t think i like rancid at all

SoftLord: i’m not a punk fan

SoftLord: they havea couple of good tracks, tho

chrrybmbnyc: butt licker

SoftLord: guilty as charge— what?

SoftLord: O:-)

chrrybmbnyc: knew you were a dirty boy

SoftLord: of course 🙂

chrrybmbnyc: i think it’s the youth thing – why people
think you’re nice.

SoftLord: i guess… maybe they think of
themselves at my age… but i’ve always been

chrrybmbnyc: it’s the baby face

SoftLord: i mean…i am nice… but i’m not like….
as breakable as people think

SoftLord: not that you’d be trying to break me

chrrybmbnyc: no, just twist you up

chrrybmbnyc: pleasureably

SoftLord: i look forward to your efforts

SoftLord: still not gonna get me on drugs tho 😛

chrrybmbnyc: i never share my drugs with anyone

chrrybmbnyc: don’t worry

SoftLord: i wasn’t

chrrybmbnyc: good to have someone sober around me

SoftLord: *shrug* everything in moderation, i
say… dowhutchawant

chrrybmbnyc: i say work hard play hard

SoftLord: hard is good

chrrybmbnyc: wet is good too

SoftLord: *smile* sounds delicious

chrrybmbnyc: peachy

SoftLord: peach? i could eat a peach for hours

chrrybmbnyc: hhhmmm

SoftLord: Nick Cage, Face/Off

chrrybmbnyc: i didn’t see that. should have known it
was a movie rip off

SoftLord: hey i have plenty of clever innuendo of
my very own

chrrybmbnyc: i’ve heard a few so far

SoftLord: you just dont set ’em up as often as i

SoftLord: my dsl sucks

chrrybmbnyc: dsl sucks in general

chrrybmbnyc: hold on

SoftLord: when they give me more money i’m
gonna get digital cable

SoftLord: holding on…

SoftLord: can i let go now? i’m starting to

chrrybmbnyc: yes i’m back

SoftLord: adam saw his puhsoodo updates/

chrrybmbnyc: yes…now he’s smoking

chrrybmbnyc: i hate cigarettes

SoftLord: yeah

SoftLord: alex took up smoking again since she
started this job… she’d quit…i feel bad a little

chrrybmbnyc: i hate a good question

SoftLord: hate? or have

chrrybmbnyc: if i was a smoker…would you walk the
other way

SoftLord: is that a ‘would you still like me if…’

SoftLord: i’d prolly just wear you down until you

chrrybmbnyc: that and would you entertain the
opportunity despite your distaste

SoftLord: as i said

SoftLord: i hate kissing people who smoke…they
taste like ash

chrrybmbnyc: my ex smoked and i hated it. i would
have to say that if someone smoked i probably wouldn’t
entertain anything

chrrybmbnyc: yuck

SoftLord: and i like kissing you, so

chrrybmbnyc: hhhmmm

SoftLord: and dancin…

SoftLord: or… "dancin"

SoftLord: ;")

SoftLord: 😉

chrrybmbnyc: i love to watch you dance, tony

SoftLord: ayyyy

SoftLord: oops…i’m mixin my travoltas

chrrybmbnyc: thought i’d jump on the bandwagon

SoftLord: you can jump on whatever you’d like to

chrrybmbnyc: you know how i get

SoftLord: do i

chrrybmbnyc: don’t play coy

SoftLord: so yer sayin i get you all worked up….

chrrybmbnyc: make me do bad things like rub myself all
over you

SoftLord: well you make me do bad things like bite
your neck and pull your hair… and i think you
could probably tell that i was enjoying myself

chrrybmbnyc: i do try to be good

SoftLord: do i need to explain to you the
difference between good and proficient?

chrrybmbnyc: what about good and proficient?

SoftLord: the difference between the two

chrrybmbnyc: explain

SoftLord: being good…and being good at it

chrrybmbnyc: talent?

SoftLord: moving on…

SoftLord: i think thats a thing that works verbally

chrrybmbnyc: i think you need to show me what you

SoftLord: i think so too

chrrybmbnyc: so i think i’m going to crash in bed and
watch some mindless tv…wish you could join

SoftLord: so there are two parts of that evening
that stand out

SoftLord: you’re halfway through a show, you
might as well stay til 10

chrrybmbnyc: negotiating?

SoftLord: i’m just sayin… youd be coming in in the

chrrybmbnyc: you know how i hate that

SoftLord: right

chrrybmbnyc: do you like jujyfruit?

SoftLord: sure

SoftLord: i used to be a milk duds at the movies

chrrybmbnyc: i hate milk duds

chrrybmbnyc: i don’t know why

SoftLord: they changed the recipie

chrrybmbnyc: so now what do you choose

SoftLord: depends… bunchacrunch usually

chrrybmbnyc: what’s that

SoftLord: its like… little pieces of nestle crunch

chrrybmbnyc: more of a sour patch person myself

SoftLord: hmmm

SoftLord: oh cause you like dark chocolate

chrrybmbnyc: good memory

SoftLord: for the important stuff

chrrybmbnyc: ha ha

SoftLord: which was that chocolatier that you
liked so much… the name has slipped my mind

chrrybmbnyc: i can’t remember either

SoftLord: dammit

chrrybmbnyc: something with a B

SoftLord: the only B ones yahoo lists are
bari&gail, bendicks, bernard c, betsy ann, black
hound, bodega, bridgewater, bromilow, brownes,
buchanan and butlers

chrrybmbnyc: nothing sounds familiar

chrrybmbnyc: too tired

SoftLord: heh

SoftLord: so…as i was saying

chrrybmbnyc: and

SoftLord: there are two moments that stand out
from that evenin

chrrybmbnyc: yes….

SoftLord: 1) being pushed up against a wall and

chrrybmbnyc: and

SoftLord: and 2) on our walk back, on third and
mercer while we were waitin for adam, wrappin
my arms around you from behind

SoftLord: for a squeeze

chrrybmbnyc: that was fun

SoftLord: which

chrrybmbnyc: both

SoftLord: 🙂

SoftLord: yaes

chrrybmbnyc: i like being the aggressor and…

SoftLord: and…

chrrybmbnyc: pleasant suprises

SoftLord: well phreased

SoftLord: phrased

chrrybmbnyc: thank you

SoftLord: godiva fan?

chrrybmbnyc: yes i am

SoftLord: iinteresting

chrrybmbnyc: uh huh

SoftLord: fading fast, i see

chrrybmbnyc: sorry…i just hit a wall

chrrybmbnyc: but very into you

SoftLord: no no… you had to deal with me all
day, its only fair

chrrybmbnyc: i need a back rub

SoftLord: aww… wish i was there to give you
one… i give good rubs… tomorrow

chrrybmbnyc: promise?

SoftLord: absolutely

chrrybmbnyc: you’re the best

SoftLord: i dunno about that…. top 5,

SoftLord: 😉

chrrybmbnyc: have a good night, jeremy. till tomorrow

SoftLord: good night, sweetness *kiss onna
forehead* sleep well

chrrybmbnyc: you too

SoftLord: you’re more than welcome to crash
tomorrow BTW, regardless of how the evening is

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