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I really don’t like to have to do this. You both know how much I enjoy what I do at TVT. But it hit me again as I was rushing to set up Steve’s laptop for his trip to Miami that I was given a half-hours notice on, ripping a CD for Amy, talking to Live365, AOL, Apple and Peavey on IM and being harassed by Jackie and Dah Millz about their phone problems that I’m currently getting paid less than I did when I was a contract worker redesigning the intranet for Ramsey.

This is insane. I deserve better treatment than this. I’ve been playing the game and trying to go with the flow for awhile now, hoping that It’d come through like you guys have been saying it would; ‘momentarily’. All it has gotten me is a bitchslap from Steve in the form of “I know you’re supposed to be getting more money, but until I think that you’re doing more to get stories for the intranet I’m not signing off on it”. This was by no stretch of the imagination is anything other than a bitchslap.

I’ve been playing it how he wants it, bothering him every day for news stories. Sometimes I even get them, sometimes not; they’re his rules.

There are many things I will put up with. I try to have a sense of humor and keep some perspective about it all. But one of the few things I cannot tolerate is being disrespected for my efforts. And this is now reaching the point where the only reason things aren’t moving forward is because you or Steve feel like you can continue to delay indefinitely.

So here’s the deal, and hopefully this will set a fire under the proverbial asses.

This needs to be resolved by the end of this month to my satisfaction, or I will find somewhere else to employ myself. Good luck finding someone who’ll do what I do for what I’m getting in return.

I want to make this clear that this is not a personal issue, and I appreciate all the efforts that both of you have put forth in trying to move this forward. I just feel that something needs to be done to impress upon the power that be the importance of this situation. For my own self-respect, let’s resolve this.

Thanks for all your help in this matter.


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October 10th, 2003 at 9:53 pm

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