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chrrybmbnyc: hell0o
hyperthetical: hey
chrrybmbnyc: i love it when the city is empt
chrrybmbnyc: empty
hyperthetical: yes
hyperthetical: so whats the deal with you and ed?
chrrybmbnyc: well we used to live together and now we don’t. we’re business partners. and sometimes ed chills at my house for the weekend
hyperthetical: that IM convo was not exactly heartwarming 😛
hyperthetical: plus i wanted to see kill bill wif ya :/
chrrybmbnyc: it was ok. maybe i wasn’t in the mood. i was kind of bored by the end
hyperthetical: wasn’t the point of the statement
chrrybmbnyc: well if it’s any consolation technically i’m still married
hyperthetical: thats a different thing…its not like yuo’re particularly social with that one
hyperthetical: and thats just waiting on legal proceedings, as you said
chrrybmbnyc: this is a sore issue for you
hyperthetical: yeah… i dunno… i just dont like feeling like i’m being kept in the dark or dicked around… you know my thing with honesty… i thought i’d bring it up with you directly…especially since you didn’t hang out with me all weekend cause you had patent stuff to do and then ended up hangin out all weekend with stuff that i wanted to do wif ya
chrrybmbnyc: jeremy you need to know that I’m a great friend, lover, buddy whatever but a horrible girlfriend. my time is not my own and my focus is all business. i like to just spend time with people i like – not define things. better for an aries
chrrybmbnyc: if you have a question just ask me
hyperthetical: trying to phrase the thought succinctly
chrrybmbnyc: ok
hyperthetical: i’m not asking you to put me ahead of your work… i admire your dedication to your company, i do… i just think that maybe i should factor in a little above ex-boys and dinners with slimy lawyers… you’ve become very important to me, and i think i deserve similar consideration… you’re not likely to come across someone like me anytime soon… i dont mean that to sound arrogant, i’m just saying… its not a jealousy thing, you can spend time with whoever you want, i trust you… its just a matter of what he said, and how we dont seem to ever have time to really connect… as i said, you’re someone special to me and i’d like to really do somethin here…
hyperthetical: guess that wasn’t as succinct as i was going for
chrrybmbnyc: like the arrogance. why do you think i spend as much time with you as i do. now it’s going to sound arrogant on my part but there are so many people in my life that i have to make time for and no matter what someone’s pissed at me. just trying to get my business to the next level so I can take a breath
hyperthetical: i dont think i’m askin for too much… i just wanna come in third, after work and family (in whichever order you’d like)… a lot of people would resent the dedication you have to your job… i understand that there are a lot of demands on your time… prioritize :-P… i’m not askin for your business time… just some of your social time and maybe a tiny piece of your heart…. so when you tell me i shouldn’t go to Show because I’d hate it there, you miss the point… the point is i get to spend time with you… the venue is irrelivant… i can make my own fun wherever i may be… the point is bein together… so tell me to be patient and i’ll have more of your attention and I will… but i just want to feel like i’m special to you like you’re special to me, and thinks like ed’s IM (however he meant it) does not do that.
hyperthetical: thinGs
chrrybmbnyc: got your point. well that YRB thing is tomorrow night. it’s going to be raining like crazy but what the hell
hyperthetical: true…
hyperthetical: however
hyperthetical: i can’t go :/
hyperthetical: cause my gig is tomorrow
hyperthetical: so yeah… just needed to say that… feel free to respond as you see fit.. was buggin me most of the weekend
chrrybmbnyc: that’s right. perfect. what time does your thing start???
hyperthetical: 9
chrrybmbnyc: YRB starts @ 7:00 so that works
hyperthetical: cool
hyperthetical: i’m cold
chrrybmbnyc: too much air conditioning
hyperthetical: not sure… nobody else seems to be as cold as i am
hyperthetical: maybe i’m dying
chrrybmbnyc: hope you’re ‘not getting sick
chrrybmbnyc: you see a bright light when you’re dying
hyperthetical: my lights are off, so i guess thats not it
chrrybmbnyc: ha ha
hyperthetical: tho that might be why i’m cold
hyperthetical: and it all comes full circle
chrrybmbnyc: maybe it’s the black t-shirt with a clever saying
hyperthetical: possibly
chrrybmbnyc: you’re what
hyperthetical: possibly its the black t-shirt thing
hyperthetical: but i think i’d be used to it by now 😛
chrrybmbnyc: one would hope
hyperthetical: yaes
hyperthetical: whatchaupta?
hyperthetical: i’ve been in a wacky mood all weekend… didn’t mean to take it all out on you… might head home a little early today

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October 13th, 2003 at 10:25 am

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