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Another Day

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Still feeling the effects… I hope tonight helps… dont know how much
more of feeling like thsi i can deal with… i suppose thats why theres
an appointment today… spent so long avoiding the issues, i hope i can
…deal with them … don’t want it to be too little too late…
writing thinking about thinking about not thinking… why do people
(okay, me) get themselves into such complicated situations.
the questions start soon… i hope i have the answers that will help me
move forward and resolve/relieve some of this. that sentence was very
difficult to write … guess its my brain trying to convince me that
there are big decisions ahead that probably wont work out how i’d
like… dont know if thats true, but i probably can’t trust my feelings
oh well…. time.

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October 20th, 2003 at 5:29 pm

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