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Well I had the first meet with the therapist today. Things went okay, I
guess we covered a lot of ground… I feel a little lighter of mood…
going to try to go to work tomorrow for at least part of the day and
see how far i get.
chrrybmbnyc: i feel like i shouldn’t be talking to you – don’t know why

SoftLord: right now or in general?

chrrybmbnyc: in general

SoftLord: really…

chrrybmbnyc: yeah i think that i’m too crazy for you. not a good influence

SoftLord: an interesting statement considering i’m the one goin to a therapist

chrrybmbnyc: i do self therapy. it’s cheaper and takes less time

SoftLord: hows that workin out for you

chrrybmbnyc: pretty good.

SoftLord: i
was gonna say perhaps cause some of the reason i’m doin the therapy
thing is cause of relationship stuff and you dont want to affect that
right now one way or the other… but maybe i’m wrong

chrrybmbnyc: come again

SoftLord: the reason you felt like you shouldn’t be talking to me

chrrybmbnyc: hold on – phone call
And thats all she wrote… Not quite sure what to make of that… never
quite sure how much confidence to give in peoples opinions of
themselves in that context… mom thinks she’s just transposing my
recent issue onto herself, or blaming herself …
Can’t think about this right now, don’t really know what I’m talking
Lighter is good…not good enough, but I guess it’ll have to do for now
… don’t have much choice in the matter …
I do feel stuck and powerless in a lot of my life right now… hadn’t
thought about it that way…
I guess we’ll see what’s next.

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October 21st, 2003 at 12:11 am

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