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Funny How Things Change

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So Carlin got into a physical altercation with Ed (her ex boy slash
roommate / business partner) and resigned her post at Pseudo… This
happened Tuesday… I wasn’t sure i wanted to talk to her, but once she
told me what happened I immediately snapped into ‘what can i do to help
you’ mode… not sure whether it came from a general
‘being-there-for-people’ urge, from my feelings for her, or from some
kind of power thing…
she’s kinda in a similar boat as i was this past week…not quite so
bad, but … stuff has changed… a lot of the issues i have with our
relationship had at least something to do with her having to project an
image for the sake of her company, and her dealings with Ed…. not
sure what is going to happen now with either of those or with us
she’s being antisocial, though i’m still getting to talk to her online,
seems like she needs to work through some stuff, she’s feeling
‘played’… just want her to know that i’m not them… she’s not an
idiot i’m sure she has some idea, but i’m there for her, i have told
her that…. hope she takes me up on my offer of assistance… just
want to be someone she can talk to on an honest level… she’ll see, i

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October 25th, 2003 at 8:52 am

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