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What would be the circumstances that would have to occur in order to have the current aspects of my life revise themselves to their ideal state?

– no more IT (or severely limited)
– time to redesign intranet for more user-based additions and modifications (asset DB / etc)
– pay increase as measure of respect

– dynamic change…not sure about the details of this…do I have to leave?

– would have to be much more of a priority to the girl
– would she have to leave pseudo? Not sure… not just for my happiness… a lot of the issues stem from that situation and her choice to return
– things would have to be less complicated
– am I asking for too much? Or too much from this person?
– Still falling into old patterns … can’t change people… can however be a positive influence on their lives… I guess I am that, at least
– What to do? Stay or move on…is it worth it… can changes be made… am I giving up where I shouldn’t?
– Thought of failure threatening…what must i do or be to make a relationship succeed for any length of time? Whose responsibility is it…
– Obsessing.
– Why is this list so much longer than the others

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January 7th, 2004 at 10:18 pm

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