Private Journal – Keep Out.

Some pretty swell poetry

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Treat me however you want
I’m here for your amusement
for your benefit
for your education
for your everything
don’t think about me
i wouldn’t want to seem selfish
it isn’t really about me anyway
i provide
it makes me feel like something
but then again
i do for myself
why, just look at all this stuff
all this
it can’t really be both
can it?
i take too
not purely a giver
i take but it doesn’t count
because i don’t count
or is that a copout
i can’t even let myself disregard myself
arguing in my head
the core
everything swirls around the word
a visual neurosis vortex
around and around
feeding on each other
taking bites
do i even deserve to be writing about deserving to write?
I should be a capital
de-serve it.
de-serve it all.

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Written by admin

February 3rd, 2004 at 1:51 am

Posted in Poetry