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Still can’t just relax and enjoy vacation…in work mode… happens.
Interesting converstaion of the day so far:
SoftLord: razz

Diddlms: heeey

Diddlms: u jus wake up?

SoftLord: ja

SoftLord: i think i’m getting sick 🙁

Diddlms: oh hon

SoftLord: my throat hurts

Diddlms: sorry… drink tea

Diddlms: dude

SoftLord: ?

Diddlms: i jus spent 3 hours talking with her grandmother

Diddlms: the woman speaks no english

Diddlms: by friday i should be able to teach a course

Diddlms: needless to say my head hurts

SoftLord: well thats good

Diddlms: so when do u start this new job?

SoftLord: monday

Diddlms: great a nice vacation b4 u start

SoftLord: yup

SoftLord: which is good since at the moment i can’t talk

Diddlms: cant talk? why?

SoftLord: my throat hurts

Diddlms: ahh hurts that much hm?

SoftLord: well i sound like i have the worst hangover ever

Diddlms: ic ic… so what u up to these days? go anywhere see anyone?

SoftLord: no not really…haven’t been feelin like goin out lately… we had this conversation

SoftLord: dont want to have to be someone i’m trying not to be so much anymore

Diddlms: yeah i know. frankly im tired of it to. but its rough cause everone we know is always enjoying drama… so what to do then

..forget everyone and sit at home alone?

SoftLord: also everyone we know is expecting me to always be there for them regardless of any of my own plans wants or needs … the

expectation is ‘oh we’ll just get jeremy to do it’ or whatever.. and i’m not cool with that anymore…i can’t be

Diddlms: of course not. its not right.

Diddlms: i
myself am guilty of not being so nice to you by blowing plans off …
so i am sorry. ive had alot of time to think while i was here… and i
think leaving tvt and comming here was good for me to really gain
perspective on the ones who matter most… you bieng one of them

SoftLord: thanks, i appreciate that, i really do

Diddlms: yes
well …its the truth. my life was so bombarded with bullshit that i
didnt see who mattered most. i tried to distribute my time to everyone
instead i missed on the most valuable

Diddlms: i was running around too much…never settled… never relaxed

Diddlms: i know why i did this-… its because im afraid if i actually sit and stop and think… i will be very sad

SoftLord: I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. -Bill Cosby

Diddlms: smart guy. .. brb i need to run out and get smokes … two minutes…

SoftLord: yes… but you might also gain some perspective on certain aspects of your life, enough to be able to change them if you like.

SoftLord: and that on the other hand is something that i will try to always have time for you for

SoftLord: blah

Diddlms: ok signing off dani needs the computer love u chat with u soon

SoftLord: you did it again razz

Diddlms: love u kid

SoftLord: i’m just saying that you did

Diddlms signed off at 11:04:45 A.

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March 1st, 2004 at 11:59 am

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