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Things that are true right now

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I impress people to have power over them. This is least harmful to them and most harmful to me, because it puts distance between us immediately.

Those who put themselves down are of no use to me because there is pre-existing distance and therefore my attempts will have no effect.

This is counterproductive on a grand scale, as it separates my value and contributions from me as a person, but somehow I need to have that separation, perhaps because I dont value myself as a person, because I dont feel like theres anything defined there, and how can one value nothing. “Nothing” is not meant in this case as having a value of “0” it is meant as an undefined entity, which is different.

By allowing the self to define itself, there will hopefully strike a balance and a connection between my contributions to the world and myself as an entity.

…or something.

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July 7th, 2004 at 7:43 pm

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