Private Journal – Keep Out.


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my anger scares me so i choke it down
it builds and it builds
i chew the poison
it feeds on itself
paralyzing emotional toxins

blinding rage
steam valve
popped cork
bloody champagne everywhere
risk analysis
emotionally paralyzing toxins

so angry
you destroyed my home
you broke my will
you made me hate
your suffering does not vindicate me
you like it too much
your change of attitude does not forgive your past
no matter how much i may want it to
that would not extinguish the flame of grief and fury
it just makes it that much more difficult to manifest
you’re hiding the goddamned corkscrew
toxic emotional paralysis

give me the goddamned corkscrew
and stand back

Written by admin

September 1st, 2004 at 1:26 am

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