Private Journal – Keep Out.


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Things I like about myself

– Smart
– Quick-witted
– Adaptable to new environments
– Generous
– Compassionate
– Musical
– Knowledgable about a large number of things
– Good DJ
– Fast learner
– Creative
– Relate to different people easily
– Loyal to a fault

Things I dont like
– Often don’t take my feelings into account when dealing with other people
– Can come across as a ‘victim’ / ‘underdog’
– Punish myself with food
– Get ‘stuck’ rather than doing things to move my situation forward
– Quick to dismiss my own needs
– Seek out the feeling of rejection
– Generally will put my physical, mental and emotional well being as a lower priority than pretty much anything else (external).
– Am attracted to people who focus on themselves in order to make the last point true.

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February 9th, 2005 at 5:28 pm

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