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Breaking the Cycle

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hyperthetical (3:45:01 PM): basically since high school i’ve always had a female friend that i end up being pseudo-boyfriend to (shoulder to cry on, support system, all that) that i end up having feelings for so its basically just like… i give them all this support and affection and dont really get anything back… and I know you’re not generally that kind of person, but I found myself falling into a similar pattern with you, and the “we’re just friends” comment outside pyramid hurt more than you intended… I certainly dont want to come off like that guy who was hitting on you that night with the “we’re friends but i want you”, especially cause you’re in such a transitional place right now, but I like chatting and spending time with you and stuff, which i guess i made clear… i just dont want to get myself stuck into the “pseudoboyfriend-with-no-benefits” position again… and its not just about sex certainly…
hyperthetical (3:45:20 PM): its why i dont talk to alex anymore
XJezzybellX (3:45:56 PM): hmmm ok just to clraify i was very drunk that night and i do not even remember making that comment
XJezzybellX (3:45:59 PM): can u tell me when?
XJezzybellX (3:46:03 PM): bad that i cant remember i know
hyperthetical (3:46:12 PM): outside with your queeny friend whos name escapes me
XJezzybellX (3:46:22 PM): queeny friend?
XJezzybellX (3:46:26 PM): gabrielle?
hyperthetical (3:46:31 PM): no…guy
XJezzybellX (3:46:34 PM): ya
XJezzybellX (3:46:36 PM): gabrielle
hyperthetical (3:46:40 PM): oh
hyperthetical (3:46:41 PM): okay
hyperthetical (3:46:43 PM): then him, yes
hyperthetical (3:46:44 PM): 🙂
XJezzybellX (3:46:45 PM): or gabriel
XJezzybellX (3:46:47 PM): whatever
hyperthetical (3:46:53 PM): hehe
hyperthetical (3:46:58 PM): i think your first spelling was more appropriate 😉
XJezzybellX (3:47:09 PM): hah prolly
XJezzybellX (3:47:13 PM): ok well i get what u are saying
XJezzybellX (3:47:23 PM): i have to go get ready for work so i cant talk about it much now im soryr 🙁
XJezzybellX (3:47:25 PM): but i would liek to
XJezzybellX (3:47:26 PM): like
XJezzybellX (3:47:36 PM): i am working close again tom so i will be on during the day to talk to u
XJezzybellX (3:47:37 PM): if u want

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February 11th, 2005 at 3:52 pm

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