Private Journal – Keep Out.

reaction to delivery of the letter to my dad

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D”i hit you once and it was to stop you from breaking your arm again”
D”i’m sorry you remember me as such an ogre”
D”i remember things very differently”
D”it was not meant to hurt you”
M”i need to be treated as an adult, and all i know is your behavior makes me feel like you want me to be 15 forever, and it’s not fair”
D”i never have people sleep over”
D”its my house because of parental responsiblity, because of property”
D”i dont know what your mother told you about paying rent but it’s not valid”
M”i’m not a child i’m 26. me having somebody stay over at my house is a lot different than it is for you”
M”all those people that used to come over here dont anymore because they’re scared of you and because they felt bad that whenever they came over i would get yelled at”
M”I’m willing to discuss setting some ground rules about having people stay over. I understand your fears about having a house filled with people, but thats not what I need to be able to do.”
D”If you dont’ like it then maybe you should find another place to live, or i can sell the house to your mother and you can live with her”
M”So what, i’m 26 and i’m just never going to have any kind of social life because its inconvenient for you?”
D”I dont want to see strangers sleeping in my house”
M”What, do you think I just pick people off of the street and invite them to sleep at my house?”
D”I hear you talking about letting people stay who are flying in”
D”i need to think about it”
D”i’m sorry you see me as such a villain in your life, it was all done out of love, i see it very differently”

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April 21st, 2005 at 8:13 pm

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