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Notes on Womenly Relations

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theres this girl i have a thing for that i just met, and after we’ve spend 15 hours chatting on IM over this past weekend and finding that we have a ton in common etc that oh by the way she has had a huge crush on another guy for like a month and she doesnt think she’d be able to act on anything until she figures out whats going on with him even tho she’s never spoken to him, but that doesn’t mean i should back off cause she thinks i’m awesome and is really attracted to me

its just like… theres definitely a lot of chemistry there and its not often that that happens with me and someone… but as you said, i dont want to feel like a silver medalist… but she did tell me this before we started talking seriously… i basically just told her that it sounded like she needed to get this stuff with that other guy resolved one way or the other, and that she should just keep me out of the loop on what she’s doing with that

this is my problem… i like strong women, and its still hard to differentiate between women who are actually strong and women who are strong because they’ve gotten good at shutting everyone who might make them vulnerable out

this is what i always do though…i find myself attracted to people who end up being difficult to get to

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November 1st, 2005 at 6:15 pm

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