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Undated (sony era) notebook notes

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  • Admiration
  • Be “on the list”
  • unconditional love
  • paranoia…was I an attempt to distract from toher problems
  • grandiosity
  • giving away control
    • Advice = No Win
  • Doesn’t everyone want respect
  • Blurry Memories
  • craving rejection as much as admiration
    • rejection of “false self”
  • contempt/envy
  • hollow
  • inward contempt
    • for which self
  • emotional masochism as manifestation of rage against…
  • What can i do to address being consistantly attracted to women that i can be a parent to
  • How can i find comfort
  • how can i learn to interact with people on an even basis
  • respect as a person lacking
  • help/stifling

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