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Dating Profile 1/30/07

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I’m an information geek. I try to make sure I know at least something about as many different things as I can, which basically means that I enjoy spending time reading blogs, finding new music (legally, of course!) and telling my friends about it, filling up my DVR, reading, and testing out new recipies. It would be great to have someone quick-witted and kind with a similar zeal for learning to spend some time with. (Thats right, I said zeal!)

My two main passions in life are technology and music, and I have a job in the online field of the music industry where I’m paid to indulge them.

I much prefer strong, independent, funny, open-minded, communicative smart women to quiet demure girly-girls. I’m powerless over women in black tanktops and Lisa Loeb glasses. Seriously, it is my Kryptonite.

I’m definitely more of a good bottle of wine (many levels of taste and texture), than a tequila shot (gets you blasted real quick). I love getting to know people beyond just what they put out into the world, and I find that everyone of us has an interesting story to tell or a passion that we can learn from.

I love the silly and the sensual, like making out during The Muppet Show. Something about Fozzie just gets me going; maybe it’s the ears.

And now for the short form: here’s a list of stuff that I think is good (the stuff, not the list). It’s totally different from the “Favorites” list, I swear. No…really.

Feeling cozy, eye contact, inside jokes, being appreciated and appreciating, disco (unironically), anything Henson-related, thai food, people who are assertive rather than passive-agressive, spring evenings, being good to each other, fall mornings, naps, napes, movies that you can recite all the dialogue to but love watching anyway. Do you have any you’d like to suggest?

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January 30th, 2007 at 4:16 pm

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Notes from an old notebook

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Amazing to see where i was (this is from sometime in 04, i think)… i guess it really is all about not wanting to be abandoned.

– Admiration
– Be “on the list”
– unconditional love
– paranoia … was i an attempt to distract from other problems
– grandiosity
– giving away control
– advice = no win
– doesn’t everyone want respect
– blurry memories
– craving rejection as much as admiration
– rejection of ‘false self’
– contempt/envy
– hollow
– inward contempt for which self?
– emotional masochism as manifestation of rage against…
– what can i do to address being consistatntly attracted to women thatn i can be a ‘parent’ to
– how can i find comfort
– how can i learn to interact with people on an even basis
– respect as a person lacking
– help/stifling

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January 20th, 2007 at 6:32 pm

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New Job!

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So, a new division of SonyBMG has been created, called Commercial Music Group. It consists of Masterworks (Classical, Film Scores, Broadway, Spoken Word), Legacy (Reissues, catalog older than 18 months), Custom Marketing (complilations and albums built for specific retailers like Starbucks, Spas, etc), Strategic Marketing (co-branded albums with partners like Nickelodeon).

Within this group, a new digital group is being created that will service all the aforementioned labels. All the online people from the aforementioned labels (7 people total) will all come together into a central group, led by this guy JJ Rosen. We will all still go to our various label marketing meetings to be the ‘liason’ between them and the digital group.

This means that I will have a new job title, new responsibility and more money. Additionally, I will be able to work with stuff outside the classical/film score/broadway world, and be able to contribute ideas to earn revenue outside the mainstream ‘putting plastic discs into peoples hands’ concept.

JJ is officially responsible for overseeing all the areas of CMG except frontline physical product, and he plans to have digital be the central hub for all of it. He’s brilliant and very forward thinking, and his main goal for 07 is to greatly increase the revenue brought in from as many non-traditional sources as possible.

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January 7th, 2007 at 3:23 am

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a poem

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as i walk to the train on
january 1st and see all the
people lined up at
the metrocard machine getting
new thirty day cards and
walk right past them cause i
buy mine on the 5th
i smile and think to
myself that being different
sure comes in handy

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January 4th, 2007 at 9:29 pm

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