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Dating Profile 1/30/07

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I’m an information geek. I try to make sure I know at least something about as many different things as I can, which basically means that I enjoy spending time reading blogs, finding new music (legally, of course!) and telling my friends about it, filling up my DVR, reading, and testing out new recipies. It would be great to have someone quick-witted and kind with a similar zeal for learning to spend some time with. (Thats right, I said zeal!)

My two main passions in life are technology and music, and I have a job in the online field of the music industry where I’m paid to indulge them.

I much prefer strong, independent, funny, open-minded, communicative smart women to quiet demure girly-girls. I’m powerless over women in black tanktops and Lisa Loeb glasses. Seriously, it is my Kryptonite.

I’m definitely more of a good bottle of wine (many levels of taste and texture), than a tequila shot (gets you blasted real quick). I love getting to know people beyond just what they put out into the world, and I find that everyone of us has an interesting story to tell or a passion that we can learn from.

I love the silly and the sensual, like making out during The Muppet Show. Something about Fozzie just gets me going; maybe it’s the ears.

And now for the short form: here’s a list of stuff that I think is good (the stuff, not the list). It’s totally different from the “Favorites” list, I swear. No…really.

Feeling cozy, eye contact, inside jokes, being appreciated and appreciating, disco (unironically), anything Henson-related, thai food, people who are assertive rather than passive-agressive, spring evenings, being good to each other, fall mornings, naps, napes, movies that you can recite all the dialogue to but love watching anyway. Do you have any you’d like to suggest?

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January 30th, 2007 at 4:16 pm

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