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Dating Profile for April 2007

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_Aboot Me:_
People tell me I make a solid first impression, so if this profile doesn’t make you giggle at least once, then people don’t know what they’re talking about. Stupid people. With their possibly untrue statements on first impression…ness.

I’ve got a voracious appetite for information. I try to make sure I learn at least something about as many different things as I can. I would love to meet someone quick-witted and kind with a similar zeal for learning about the world to spend some time with. (Thats right, I said zeal!) Also, I’m full of secrets, just like on Conan.

I enjoy finding new music, adding to my encyclopedic knowledge of minutiae, trying new recipes, making just-over-the-line comments, spending evenings with friends drinking both expensive and cheap wine (though not at the same time), and finding beauty in unexpected places.

A goal for this year is to spend more of my time with a camera taking pictures of unguarded moments throughout the city.

I think everyone has a story to tell or a passion that can be learned from, when you take the time to dig beneath the surface. I also dig (see what I did there?) the silly and the sensual, like making out during The Muppet Show. Something about Fozzie just gets me going; maybe it’s the ears.

And that brings us to…

_Aboot You_

In a “let’s be friends and maybe more” kind of way: Someone who feels like Empire Records and kisses like Sigur Ros. Alternately, someone who understands what that means.

On a purely physical level, I tend to prefer girls who are a bit on the curvy side rather than stick-thin women. I’m powerless over women in black tank-tops and Lisa Loeb glasses. Seriously, it’s my Kryptonite. I like assertive, independent, funny (not just people who say they’re funny on their profile), open-minded, communicative smart women. I’m never sure what to say to quiet demure girly-girls.   Think Natalie from Sports Night.

I’d like to meet someone who’s psyched about where 2007 might take their life, can explain the difference between baking powder and baking soda, and who will interrupt my frequent run-on sentence-list-things with some kind of creative way of shutting me up.

I drop a lot of pop culture references in my every-day speech, so it would be great if you could keep up.

Of course, this all sounds like I know what I’m doing, but I’m trying to find someone remarkable who wants to get to know me just like everyone else, so maybe we could wing it together.

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April 22nd, 2007 at 11:38 am

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