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Jeremy’s Compatibility Profile Summary
No person can be fully described or defined by a few short sentences. However, here are several
of the most important characteristics revealed by your eHarmony Compatibility Profile that you
should keep in mind as you search for your ideal mate:

Some of your ideal mates strongest personality characteristics are:

  • She generally prefers to solve problems based on rational causes, rather than emotions.
  • She enjoys knowing and learning about new things.
  • She has a very good sense of right and wrong, and almost always tries to be the best
    person she can.
  • She doesn’t generally like to take on big projects unless there is a clear reward in
  • Some important qualities that your ideal partner brings to the relationship are:
  • She usually manages to avoid being irritable, even when she isn’t feeling her best.
  • She has an appreciation for life’s amusing moments, even when they are sometimes at her
    own expense!
  • She generally feels that she has a lot to offer the right person.
  • She can be a great person to talk to.

Important goals and values for your ideal mate in a relationship are:

  • She may occasionally attend church, such as on major religious holidays.
  • She will be able to share your core spiritual beliefs.
  • There are some trends and fads she doesn’t agree with.
  • She believes it is important to be a contributing member of the community.

Social Orientation describes how much of your behavior is motivated by the desire to get
along with and be liked by other people, as well as how much is driven by the desire to be seen
as an effective problem solver who is self sufficient. People with a strong External
Orientation place a high value on communicating their thoughts and feelings with other people.
People with a strong Internal Orientation place a high value on individual effectiveness,
competence and autonomy. The dimensions that we assess as part of your Social Orientation are
Conflict Management, Character, Vitality and Security, Communication Style, Kindness and
Autonomy. Based on your profile, you are most compatible with women who fit the following

Kindness: Your ideal mate goes out of her way to do nice things for you. She’s the
kind of person who will let you know she cares, whether it’s surprising you with baseball
tickets or making you your favorite meal. She won’t take you for granted. She wants to be
there for you when you have a problem.

Autonomy: You will be best matched with someone who wants to know all of the important
things about your past. She’ll be equally interested in living in the present and planning a
future. She won’t need to know every detail about your life or every thought that crosses
your mind. She’s the kind of person who sees herself as part of a couple but still maintains
her independence and identity.
Some additional details about your ideal mate:

Character: Your ideal mate is a woman who doesn’t pretend to be perfect. She does,
however, make a sincere effort to relate to other people. She’s the type of person who’s nice
but who is by no means a saint. She will appreciate your ability to get along with others but
won’t expect you to always put the needs of others before your own.

Vitality and Security: You need a woman who is honest and reliable. She has a good
understanding of what it takes to make a relationship work over the long haul. She wants to
build a relationship that will last but doesn’t need you for constant support.

Communication: Your ideal companion is a woman who can express herself and also listen
to others. Friends and family may describe her as the kind of person who isn’t overbearing
and doesn’t talk too much. She’ll enjoy talking to you but won’t pry too deep if you’re not
in the mood for conversation.

Conflict Resolution: You’ll be happiest with a woman who tries to avoid conflict
altogether. When she does have a disagreement, she tries to keep the peace instead of adding
fuel to the fire. Resolving the argument is generally more important to her than being right,
but she will stand up for herself.

The Extraversion scale assesses how you feel when you are around people. Extroverts
are generally comfortable at the center of attention. They rarely feel a need for “alone
time” and are almost always eager to meet new people. Introverts, on the other hand, avoid
the spotlight when they can, approach many social gatherings with hesitation, and relish time
spent with good friends whom they know well. While most people exhibit a mix of Introvert and
Extrovert qualities based on what kind of social situation they are in, people who are
strongly Extroverted often place the largest value on having many friends and making new
friends easily. In contrast, people who are strongly Introverted generally place the highest
value on having a few very deep and meaningful friendships. The dimensions of your profile
which are associated with Extraversion are Emotional Energy, Sociability, Adaptability,
Humor, Romantic Passion and Dominance.

Based on your profile, you are most compatible with women who fit the following descriptions:

Humor: Your ideal mate is the kind of woman who is funny and interesting. Sometimes,
she likes telling jokes and making people laugh with things like one-liners or satirical
observations about friends and family. But she doesn’t need to be a constant one-woman show.

Adaptability: Your ideal mate likes to find new ways to deal with old challenges. She
can think up creative solutions to a problem but doesn’t discount the tried-and-true answers.
She’s the kind of person who can never seem to do something the same way twice. She can
accept new approaches to problems when the old solutions have stopped working.

Some additional details about your ideal mate:

Emotional Energy: You’ll be happiest with a woman who’s outgoing and vivacious but
doesn’t need to always be on the move. She’d generally rather do something than talk about
it, whether it’s a new hobby or a project at work.

Romantic Passion: Your ideal mate is a sensual person who enjoys occasional romantic
gestures like a night of soft music, candles and good conversation. But she doesn’t
overemphasize romance or put unrealistic expectations on her partner. She knows there are
more important things in a relationship.

Dominance: You are best suited to someone who doesn’t take competition to extremes.
She likes to win but doesn’t need to do so at all costs. She is aggressive when the situation
warrants it, such as when vying for a promotion or playing tennis in front of a crowd, but
can accept a loss with grace.

Sociability: You’ll be happiest with a woman who likes to spend time with old friends
and make new ones. She might not always be the first to strike up a conversation with a
stranger, but she is rarely tongue-tied once the conversation is underway. At parties, she’s
the type of person who isn’t afraid to venture outside her group of friends.

Openness refers to a person’s willingness to experience new and creative ideas. People
who score low on Openness tend to place a high value on tradition and belonging to a group.
People who score high on Openness tend to place a high value on imagination and
individualism. Extreme scores on Openness also often distinguish between people who enjoy
thinking in symbols and abstractions to people who prefer ideas which are clear and concrete.
The dimensions of your profile that we consider as part of Openness are Artistic Passion,
Curiosity and Intellect.

Based on your profile, you are most compatible with women who fit the following descriptions:

Intellect: Your ideal mate is smart, educated and knowledgeable. She is astute and has
varied interests in subjects such as literature or languages. Other people see her as someone
who’s looking for friends who are her equal in terms of intelligence or knowledge.

Curiosity: You will be well matched with a woman who likes to understand the world
around her. She’s generally inquisitive and knowledgeable about subjects that pertain to her
life, whether she’s a politics junkie or a baseball fan. If she’s not interested in an issue,
she probably won’t feel compelled to read up on it just to expand her knowledge.

Artistic Passion: You are best suited to someone who wants art and culture in her
life. She probably enjoys attending events and performances, such as the theater, poetry
readings and art exhibitions. Friends see her as the kind of person who needs regular
exposure to the arts in order to be happy.

Physicality separates people who enjoy being physically energetic and active from
those who are uncomfortable or dislike engaging in sports or strenuous activity. Some people
push life to the limit, scaling mountains or competing in triathlons. People with a less
demanding sense of Physicality enjoy looking at mountains more than climbing them. The
dimensions of your profile which compose the most important aspects of your Physicality are
Appearance, Physical Energy and Sexual Passion.
Based on your profile, you are most compatible with women who fit the following descriptions:

Sexual Passion: Your ideal companion is looking for the surge of physical excitement
that comes with falling in love. When she’s with her partner, she expects a physical
connection that goes beyond compatible personalities and interests. Physical chemistry isn’t
her only need, or even her main one, but she does want to feel a strong desire for her

Appearance: You are most compatible with a woman who wants to look good but doesn’t
obsess over it. She will appreciate the time and effort you put into your appearance and be
happy with the end result. Ultimately, however, she is more concerned with who you are than
what you look like.

Physical Energy: You are best suited to the kind of woman who lives by the adage that
slow and steady wins the race. She doesn’t need to be active in order to be happy. She
generally wants to take time out to relax on weekends. She doesn’t need to incorporate
physical activities like running a 5K or going for a hike into her day in order to feel good
about herself.

Goal Orientation refers to the drive to plan for the future versus the urge to live in
the moment. People who score low on Goal Orientation are generally spontaneous and free
spirited. They are likely to act on their first impulse and worry about the consequences
afterwards and place a high value on being clever and lucky. People who score high on Goal
Orientation, on the othe hand, are more driven to think about future consequences before
acting, place a high value on being wise and cautious, and like to always put their best foot
forward. The dimensions of your profile that relate to your Goal Orientation are Industry,
Ambition, Organization and Education.

Based on your profile, you are most compatible with women who fit the following descriptions:

Organization: Your ideal mate is the type of person who keeps her home neat and clean,
without being obsessive about it. She likes to be structured at home, and make sure
everything has its place. But she won’t look down on you if you kick off your shoes and don’t
straighten them at the door. She’s good at creating a home that’s comfortable and welcoming,
the perfect place to relax.

Industry: You are most compatible with someone who works hard but avoids bringing too
much stress and worry home. She likes to stay busy, but she doesn’t need to fill every moment
of every day with some task or chore. She’s generally efficient, persistent and productive,
but she doesn’t obsess over making lists of things to do or accomplish.

Some additional details about your ideal mate:

Ambition: Your ideal mate is the kind of person who strives to be the best at what she
does. She understands your desire to be recognized for your accomplishments. But she won’t
turn her quest for success into something that will dominate her life. Things like family,
friends and time to herself are important to her.

Education: Your ideal mate isn’t concerned with academic degrees. She won’t care if
you don’t talk together about things like politics, religion, art or history. Others see her
as someone who isn’t concerned with such philosophical discussions. She thinks a formal
education isn’t necessary for success.

While day-to-day events play a major role in our feelings, there are deep-seated patterns of
emotion that underlie our personality and stretch across the span of our lives. These
patterns are considered your Emotional Temperament. People who score high on Emotional
Temperament are generally upbeat about life and are slow to get upset in the face of minor
setbacks or disappointments. People who score low on Emotional Temperament are more likely to
experience feelings such as anxiety, anger and depression on a regular basis. The dimensions
of your profile that compose your Emotional Temperament are Mood Management, Self-Concept,
Emotional Status, Anger Management and Obstreperousness.

Based on your profile, you are most compatible with women who fit the following descriptions:

Mood Management: You are most compatible with someone who avoids taking bad moods out
on others. She knows that everyone has their moody days, so she won’t overreact when you’re
irritable. When she’s in a foul mood, she’ll usually make sure she doesn’t take it out on

Emotional Status: You are best suited to a woman who is generally happy and hopeful
for the future. There are things in her life she’d like to improve, but she generally has
faith that she’ll attain her goals. She’s not the type of person to overreact when she has a
problem. Friends see her as someone who tries to focus on the positive.

Some additional details about your ideal mate:

Self-Concept: Your ideal match is someone who is self-assured and agreeable. She
believes in herself, so she is willing to take the occasional risk. She wants to fit in but
doesn’t feel the need to change in order to do so. Her friends most likely describe her as
someone who’s secure.

Obstreperousness: Your ideal mate is someone who isn’t afraid to stand up for her
opinions, but doesn’t always feel the need to do so. You need someone who has beliefs and
confidence strong enough to match your own. However, you will not do well with someone who
needs to dominate every conversation and win every argument. You will do best with someone
who knows when to speak her mind, and when to just go along with the people around her.

Anger Management: Your ideal mate is someone who can appreciate your take-charge
attitude. She isn’t going to complain about your rough edges. You two might have your
battles, but they’ll usually blow over quickly.

Many significant ingredients, like upbringing, family goals and spirituality combine to form
a person’s values and beliefs. Whatever form they take, your values are one of the most
powerful determinants of your behavior. Values also play a large role in who we feel
comfortable being around and who we find attractive. Dissimilarity in values generally causes
discomfort or awkwardness in social situations. Although close friends, family and loved ones
can often have one or two stark contrasts in their values, this is made possible by a greater
number of shared values, backgrounds and experiences that provide a framework of comfort and
similarity. When building an intimate relationship, establishing shared values early on is
key to long-term success. The dimensions that we consider as part of your Personal Values are
Traditionalism, Spirituality, Family Goals and Altruism.

Based on your profile, you are most compatible with women who fit the following descriptions:

Family Background: Your ideal mate has a good relationship with her family, but it’s
not perfect. They enjoy spending time together but do have occasional disagreements. She’s
understands that family dynamics can work even when they’re not perfect.

Traditionalism: You’ll be happiest with a woman who considers herself a good person:
She has strong values and her moral beliefs are an important part of who she is. She probably
believes that values related to religion, country and family provide important general
guidelines for life.
Some additional details about your ideal mate:

Spirituality: Your ideal mate is someone who is probably either involved in a
religious community or who has an individualistic spiritual life. She’s the kind of person
who finds herself drawn on occasion to faith communities. She might attend services but may
not be an active member of a congregation. Family Goals: Your ideal mate shares your desires
to start a new family and experience the joys of parenthood. She loves children and expects
that they will play a central role in her life.

Altruism: Your ideal mate is the kind of person who cares about helping strangers but
who might not spend a lot of her time doing so. She is someone who would help her friends if
they asked her to. With encouragement, she might join efforts to help strangers, whether it’s
a canned food drive or a charity fundraiser.
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