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Match Profile for June 18, 2007

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_Aboot Me:_
People tell me I make a solid first impression, so if this profile doesn’t make you giggle at least once, then people don’t know what they’re talking about. Stupid people. With their possibly untrue statements on first impression…ness.

I’ve got a voracious appetite for information. I try to make sure I learn at least something about as many different things as I can. Also, I’m full of secrets, just like on Conan. Or, you know, a secret pinata.

I enjoy discovering new music and films, adding to my encyclopedic knowledge of minutiae (I want to know something about everything), attempting new recipes, spending evenings with friends in a park or on a roof drinking both expensive and cheap wine (not simultaneously, though), and finding beauty in unexpected places.

Performing random acts of kindness for the special people in my life is part of who I am.  Random acts in general as well, actually.  My friends have described me as sweet, smart, quick-witted, geeky and tall.

I also dig the silly and the sensual, like making out during The Muppet Show. Something about Fozzie just gets me going; maybe it’s the ears.  I’m a total fan-boy for all things Henson, actually, and I’ve already pre-ordered the DVDs of season two.

A goal I’ve been working on this year is to spend more of my time with a camera taking pictures of unguarded moments throughout the city so my Flickr account can be fed.

And that brings us to…

_Aboot You_

In a “let’s be friends and maybe more” kind of way: Someone who feels like Empire Records and kisses like Sigur Ros. Alternately, someone who understands what I’m getting at.

Also, it would be great if you are the kind of person who gets a lot of pop culture references, since I use them a lot in my something something (in case you hadn’t noticed).

On a purely physical level, I’m powerless over women in black tanktops and Lisa Loeb glasses. Seriously, it’s my Kryptonite.

Are you a girl who reads on the subway, and hates losing concentration due to people chattering on their cellphones? Do you have more than four genres of music on your ipod?  Have you ever caused milk to come out of someone’s nose due to a well-timed joke?  Are you happy with who you are, flaws and all, but still passionate about learning about yourself and how you fit into the world?  Can you give as well as you get?  Have you ever gotten a “not living up to her potential” on a report card?  Can you juggle (cause I’d love for someone to teach me!)?

Are you reading this and thinking “now he seems like a fellow I’d like to get to know a bit!”  If so, then I strongly suggest you click that little button marked “Email Him” in the corner and say hi, especially if you said that last part out loud to yourself in a cockney accent, ’cause that would be awesome.

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October 18th, 2007 at 11:45 am

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dating history

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my dating history is like this. nothing until senior year of high school. gf senior year lived with me and was cheating on me for the second half with different guys, then two years of nothing, next girl only liked me when i was treating her badly, i paid for a trip for her and me to go to new orleans, where she hooked up with my best friend when i was in the other room, then meaningless online hookups, and then my most recent ex was business partners with her cokehead psycho ex so she couldn’t display any affection for me when we were in public, which brings us to a couple of years ago which was the last time i had anything semi-serious, since then its been random internet hookups and nothing.

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October 8th, 2007 at 10:59 pm

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