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Dating Profile for December 29th, 2007

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Usually this is pretty easy, but late-20s ennui has me a little flummoxed.

Hi, I’m Jeremy and I am a proud geek (hi Jeremy, welcome to Crunch!).  I own Tron and a big flat screen TV, I have a blog.  I also love to cook, and try out new recipes and such.

My passion is information.  I can’t get enough, and I guess that makes me a true consumer.  I read, subscribe to way too many RSS feeds, inhale new music and new ideas.  If this sounds familiar to you, I’d love to hear about what’s piquing your interest.

I make a living in the online sector of the music industry trying to make what we do as a major label a little less evil, a little more interesting and transparent, and a little easier to get behind.  Sometimes I fear I’m too late to change perception.

As far as physical characteristics, I’m 6’1 and cuddly (i.e. not a skinny guy but not huge either) with glasses.  People seem to think I have pretty eyes.  I’m a Jew by birth, but other than the penchant for self-deprecating humor and latkes, I’m not particularly religious.  I tend to wear button-down shirts (or t-shirts) and jeans, so I’m not particularly identified with any subculture (although I used to be pretty involved with the local goth scene in my youth as a club goer, promoter and DJ.  I look hot in eyeliner).

Somehow between working long hours, spending a lot of time online and having a bunch of friends move elsewhere in the country, I’ve managed to build a nice little insular life for myself.  I’m now totally sick of my nice little insular life and would like to invite some people into it.

As far as what I’m looking for, I don’t necessarily have a particular type.  I tend to gravitate toward whip-smart brunettes with wicked senses of humor and glasses (yes, I have a thing for Lisa Loeb).   I don’t want to be a project for anyone, and I don’t have the time for projects.

I like conversations that sound like Aaron Sorkin scripts.

My musical and movie tastes are all over the board.  My top 10 albums of 2007 includes Crowded House, Burial and Spoon.  My DVD collection contains both When Harry Met Sally and Terminator 2.

Anyway, if you’ve managed to read this far, then congratulations to you, and if any of this strikes a chord with you (hopefully Eb m), drop me a line.

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December 29th, 2007 at 11:43 am

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