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hyperthetical (7:26:10 PM): kate being sad in bed with me = confusing and makes jeremy sad
musicsaves137 (7:26:28 PM): well there goes that cute moment
hyperthetical (7:26:48 PM): there will be another one
musicsaves137 (7:26:55 PM): k
hyperthetical (7:27:22 PM): just…dont know what to do when it happens is all
musicsaves137 (7:28:17 PM): just hug me
hyperthetical (7:28:58 PM): ok
hyperthetical (7:30:04 PM): would like to help if i can…or at least know whether anything i do sets it off so i can try to be more careful or more specific with what happens
musicsaves137 (7:30:55 PM): well when something makes me upset or makes me “pout” you dont have to be such an asshole about it
musicsaves137 (7:32:20 PM): your speech about “you can go pout on your side of the bed it doesnt do anything for me…im fine sleeping over here”
musicsaves137 (7:32:27 PM): really upset me
hyperthetical (7:34:29 PM): well..when you pout it makes me feel like you’re trying to manipulate me into doing a certain thing or not being honest or whatever and i dont react well to attempts at manipulation, even if you dont mean it maliciously… if we’re being all sweet and then suddenly you pull away and run to the other side of the bed or couch or whatever, i feel like i’m upt in the position of always having to apologize for something that may or may not have offended you hat under other circumstances you would have taken it in more stride
musicsaves137 (7:35:20 PM): im not trying to manipulate you
musicsaves137 (7:35:27 PM): but you dont have to be such an asshole about it
hyperthetical (7:36:01 PM): what are you doing, then.
hyperthetical (7:36:15 PM): er…that wasn’t a loaded question, i’m actually asking.
hyperthetical (7:36:42 PM): well i get defensive and just avoid engaging altogether because i dont like having to talk you into coming back and snuggling with me or going back to what we were doing
musicsaves137 (7:37:09 PM): fine then dont
musicsaves137 (7:37:13 PM): i cant make you do anything
hyperthetical (7:37:41 PM): i’m saying that i dont…but is that why you go pout? so i’ll beg you to come back?
musicsaves137 (7:38:01 PM): sometimes
musicsaves137 (7:38:12 PM): sometimes its just how i feel
hyperthetical (7:38:52 PM): well it really makes me not want to do it… you dont have to manipulate me into wanting to snuggle with you…i always want to snuggle with you.
musicsaves137 (7:39:24 PM): fine then dont
hyperthetical (7:39:58 PM): i haven’t been. but then you pout in a corner and i sit there confused and defensive when we both would rather be snuggling.. which is why i dont understand
musicsaves137 (7:39:58 PM): im not going to sit here and beg you to respond the way i would like
hyperthetical (7:40:15 PM): neither of us should be begging the other for anything, is what i’m saying
hyperthetical (7:40:26 PM): we both like each other and like snuggling and talking and fucking and everything else
musicsaves137 (7:41:05 PM): well its just a part of who i am
hyperthetical (7:41:09 PM): it doesn’ thave to be complicated
musicsaves137 (7:41:41 PM): k
hyperthetical (7:43:33 PM): maybe for some previous guys they enjoyed the back-and-forth power thing…but for me, i much prefer to just be direct… i really do think you’re awesome, i really like you a lot (and i’m pretty sure you feel similarly about me) and i think we have fun together… the rest, to me at least, kind of gets in the way
hyperthetical (7:43:51 PM): and if you have any doubt about any of that at any time, feel free to ask and i will respond with words and kisses
hyperthetical (7:43:52 PM): 🙂
musicsaves137 (7:44:01 PM): well im just sayin
musicsaves137 (7:44:04 PM): thats me
musicsaves137 (7:44:11 PM): and thats probably always going to be me
hyperthetical (7:45:32 PM): and part of who i am is to not really respond to that kind of ‘prove you really care about me’ stuff… i feel like i prove it all the time just in how we interact
musicsaves137 (7:46:04 PM): ok
hyperthetical (7:46:12 PM): so…yeah 🙂
hyperthetical (7:46:36 PM): maybe theres a middle-ground between me being an asshole about it and you doing it when you want… attention? what?
musicsaves137 (7:46:50 PM): i dont know
musicsaves137 (7:46:59 PM): i cant talk about this right now
musicsaves137 (7:47:05 PM): brb
hyperthetical (7:47:13 PM): okay
hyperthetical (7:47:29 PM): i’m gonna head home anyway… talk later, cutie :-* :-*:-* :-*
musicsaves137 (7:47:43 PM): bye
hyperthetical (7:48:01 PM): all i can do is be honest about how i feel, ya know?
musicsaves137 (7:48:13 PM): yup

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