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Well that went better than expected.

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musicsaves137 (12:49:37 PM): hi
musicsaves137 (12:49:46 PM): before you say anything let me just say something
hyperthetical (12:49:53 PM): sure
musicsaves137 (12:51:07 PM): i’m incredibly sorry i’ve been out of reach this past week. i’ve had to go through some of the hardest shit i’ve ever had to go through. i guess i just need to realize that my life is a little too crazy right now to have to be responsible to another person
hyperthetical (12:51:27 PM): yeah thats kinda what i wanted to talk about
hyperthetical (12:51:38 PM): i totally understand and i’m sorry you had to deal with that stuff
hyperthetical (12:52:09 PM): but i think as you said, your life is kinda crazy right now, and we’re on different schedules and at different places
musicsaves137 (12:52:24 PM): yea :-/
hyperthetical (12:52:50 PM): but you must know that i really do think you’re an amazing person and i’m so thankful that you’re in my life in whatever capacity
musicsaves137 (12:53:33 PM): wow this conversation is going so much easier than i had thought it would
hyperthetical (12:53:37 PM): lol
hyperthetical (12:53:42 PM): i guess we’ve both been thinking about it
hyperthetical (12:53:53 PM): was kinda tearing me apart all weekend
musicsaves137 (12:53:54 PM): which you cant even understand how much it means to me
musicsaves137 (12:54:06 PM): that youre being so understand
musicsaves137 (12:54:13 PM): ing
hyperthetical (12:54:19 PM): cause i really really like you… but you’re doing the college thing and i’m attempting to be a grownup
hyperthetical (12:54:29 PM): (muppets be damned)
musicsaves137 (12:54:47 PM): hah
hyperthetical (12:55:02 PM): so yeah…
musicsaves137 (12:55:15 PM): yea between trying to stay young and do the college thing and being forced to grow up with family shit
musicsaves137 (12:55:23 PM): i’m just kinda losing my mind at the moment
hyperthetical (12:56:04 PM): i dont like the thought of not being able to kiss you and stuff… :/
hyperthetical (12:56:38 PM): but i dont know that we’re in similar enough mindsets to have a relationship work in a way that’d work for both of us
musicsaves137 (12:56:48 PM): yea
musicsaves137 (12:56:58 PM): i think you’re right
hyperthetical (12:57:23 PM): which makes me really sad
hyperthetical (12:58:02 PM): but ultimately… you know
musicsaves137 (12:58:07 PM): i’m sorry 🙁
hyperthetical (12:58:13 PM): nothing for you to be sorry about
musicsaves137 (12:58:19 PM): its just a really hard, weird time for me right now
hyperthetical (12:58:23 PM): yuo’re exactly where you’re supposed to be and so am i
musicsaves137 (12:58:30 PM): i guess
hyperthetical (12:58:41 PM): hey i remember being 20…its really hard
hyperthetical (12:59:23 PM): trying to figure out what parts of you need to grow up and which can stay how they are etc etc
musicsaves137 (12:59:30 PM): yea
hyperthetical (12:59:51 PM): please know that i’m there for you if you need someone to talk to or anything.
musicsaves137 (1:00:15 PM): thanks jeremy
hyperthetical (1:00:25 PM): not that i’m like the worlds most put together person, but i’ll try to be helpful 🙂
musicsaves137 (1:00:35 PM): it’s not like i never want to see you again….i just cant be the way we have been
hyperthetical (1:00:42 PM): no i know
hyperthetical (1:00:46 PM): we’ll have to figure it out
musicsaves137 (1:01:25 PM): thanks for being so nice
hyperthetical (1:01:38 PM): hey, i’m nice….its part of who i am
musicsaves137 (1:02:02 PM): this…its exactly what i needed right now…for something to go easy for once
hyperthetical (1:02:16 PM): there are things i’ll miss a lot… but i definitely want to stay in your life if you’ll have me and for yout o stay in mine
hyperthetical (1:02:38 PM): hey what can i say… i’m easy, for some people :-*
musicsaves137 (1:02:58 PM): 🙂
musicsaves137 (1:03:05 PM):
of course i still want you in my life
hyperthetical (1:03:10 PM): *smile* good.
musicsaves137 (1:03:47 PM): yay
hyperthetical (1:04:03 PM): though to be fair i may need a little bit to adjust
hyperthetical (1:04:42 PM): it was really eating away at me this weekend… the whole abandonment issue thing…cause i knew it wasn’t gonna work but i really didn’t want to hurt you… so i’m kind of relieved that you were feeling similarly
musicsaves137 (1:05:39 PM): totally understandable
hyperthetical (1:05:43 PM): in my brain, ‘leaving’ a relationship with someone is pretty much the worst thing you can do to a person.
musicsaves137 (1:06:46 PM): youre not leaving though
musicsaves137 (1:06:54 PM): were agreeing its what needs to happen
hyperthetical (1:06:58 PM): and i especially didn’t wnat to lay it on you when you’re all stressed about school and such
hyperthetical (1:07:08 PM): yeah but in my head you would’ve not at all seen it comin
hyperthetical (1:07:12 PM): hey i didn’t say it was RATIONAL
musicsaves137 (1:07:15 PM): lol
hyperthetical (1:08:48 PM): i’m not perfect 😛
musicsaves137 (1:08:54 PM): but parts of you are
hyperthetical (1:08:59 PM): *grin* still true.
hyperthetical (1:09:11 PM): you too.
hyperthetical (1:11:26 PM): many many parts.
hyperthetical (1:11:51 PM): ok…so
hyperthetical (1:11:58 PM): you probably have work to get back to
hyperthetical (1:12:20 PM): but maybe later this week you can fill me in on some of the stuff thats been happening?
musicsaves137 (1:12:44 PM): yea i have to much to do
musicsaves137 (1:12:47 PM): *so
hyperthetical (1:12:57 PM): you have much to so?
hyperthetical (1:13:05 PM): oh…got it
hyperthetical (1:13:06 PM): me slow.
musicsaves137 (1:13:12 PM): heh
hyperthetical (1:13:24 PM): so… talk later?
musicsaves137 (1:14:21 PM): yea definitely
hyperthetical (1:14:25 PM): excellent.
hyperthetical (1:14:30 PM): *big kisses and hugs*
musicsaves137 (1:14:39 PM): ditto! :-*
hyperthetical (1:14:41 PM): thanks for being you
musicsaves137 (1:14:52 PM): no seriously thanks for being so nice jeremy
musicsaves137 (1:14:54 PM): i really appreciate it
hyperthetical (1:14:59 PM): of course
hyperthetical (1:15:41 PM): hey you should have at least one nice person around 😛
hyperthetical (1:16:20 PM): youre awesome people should always be nice to you.
musicsaves137 (1:16:31 PM): thanks 🙂
hyperthetical (1:16:36 PM): duh’
hyperthetical (1:16:37 PM): ok
hyperthetical (1:16:38 PM): back to work
musicsaves137 (1:16:42 PM): have fun
hyperthetical (1:16:46 PM): always do

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