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Hi, I’m Jeremy. I’m 6’1 with glasses and dark wavy hair. Apparently (I just did an IM survey) my eyes and lips are my best features. I’m a Jew by birth, but other than the penchant for self-deprecating humor and latkes, I’m not religious. Or cheap. And yes, I have other pictures. And a Facebook account, like everyone else.<br>
I’m a flirt and I’m pretty harmless (wordplay = fun), I like to cook and I’m pretty funny.  I feel bad when guys stare at girls breasts in a slimy way when they walk by, but some of y’all are just so beautiful and scantily clad!  It annoys me that theres no way to talk to a stranger on the subway without it being a whole personal space invasion thing.  I think quiet nights at home are awesome.<br/>
I inhale new music of all genres (seriously, pandora and have no idea what to recommend, it’s kind of sad for them.), read a ton of blogs and generally enjoy learning about people and…things. Some of my favorite things are: anything Jim Henson-related, anything Neil Finn-related, anything Alton Brown-related. I never use a miniscule word when a long one will suffice. Not “do,” “suffice.” I have a big plasma-screen TV for movie, but I swear I’m not overcompensating.<br>
I work at a record label, making blogs and podcasts and responding to fan emails, in an attempt to have everyone love music on a deep level as much as I do.<br>
Here’s a joke: How many surrealists does it take to change a light bulb pasta bicycle cyclops?<br>
I dig quick-witted, smart, interesting and interested self-assured women with a wide variety of interests (mmm…geek girls). Also, you must love to make out. And please be somewhere around my age (mid-20s or a lil older is cool). I’ll cook if you do the dishes. Or we can skip it and go to brunch, I know a place that has amazing crepes. In terms of a physical type, think more Janeane Garofalo and less Paris Hilton (though my ultimate fantasy is Lauren Ambrose).  What I’m not looking for is a project.  I’d love to meet someone who kinda has their stuff together.<br>
I’m not necessarily looking for a long-term serious relationship (though if one happens, thats a bonus), I’m mostly hoping to be able to experience new people and what we can offer each other, romantically or otherwise.<br>
Anyway, if you’ve managed to read this far without closing the tab and going back to the index, then congratulations to you and I owe you a cookie, and if any of this strikes a chord with you (hopefully an Eb minor), feel free to drop me a line! Please have some semblance of a photo.

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June 3rd, 2008 at 7:53 pm

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