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everyone’s morons
i hate my job
my boss calls me into his office this mornin and asks if i’m happy at my job, because he feels like i’ve been phoning it in the last few months
so i start telling him about how i dont really feel like people are engaged with what i’m doing and while yes he hasn’t ever said no to content i want to create, that doesn’t mean he’s been a champion of the cause either
and how he thinks that i like being the guy that people come to with random questions that require institutional knowledge or random stuff that has nothing to do with anything else i’m doing
and how actually that just fucking annoys me
and basically all he says is that i need to show up on time (because apparently i was there at 10:30 yesterday and need to be there at 10)
and that i need to make sure to send out newsletters every two weeks
meanwhile,  i get NO information for the label newsletter from project managers
i call
i email
i set up a MEETING REQUEST in their Outlooks to REMIND them to send me stuff about whats going on for their projects
so he says basically,, yeah they’re not perfect, but you need to pull together this information
and says that all the content i’ve been putting together is great and all, but what he needs me to focus on is “CRM”… which to him means newsletters
and its all just so he can give good report talk blowjobs to senior staff
which, fuck that.
its meaningless
sorry…needed to rant

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October 24th, 2008 at 10:40 pm

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