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Current Struggles: How much ‘help’ is too much?

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Supportive vs. Helpful vs. Offering Solutions vs. Trying to Fix vs. Needing to Control

Different for different issues?

Who am I to know what’s best?

Resistance due to overcompensating for patterns from the past?

jeremystudiod: i worry about being ‘too helpful’ and maybe looking for something to be wrong in order for me to help fix it… it hinkt hat comes from dad
StillwelNY: i gathered something like that from ur post
StillwelNY: it is great that you have the awareness and are willing to work with it
StillwelNY: that is great
jeremystudiod: yeah i’m not too worried, its just scary when i’m ‘in it’…and then i start strategizing which never works
StillwelNY: i think it is very natural to want to help a person you love – and then there are the but’s
jeremystudiod: its complicated
StillwelNY: I know that one I have a similar issue when I work with younger women – i try to protect them – comes from my relationship with my younger sister
jeremystudiod: i dont know that it is connected to age with me…
jeremystudiod: not sure
jeremystudiod: i just second guess myself when it comes to someone in my life having a hard time
jeremystudiod: especially someone i’m romantically involved with
jeremystudiod: i question my own motives

jeremystudiod: i’m struggling with that at the moment actuall
jeremystudiod: y
jeremystudiod: just a little
misskatiemo: hm. struggling how?
jeremystudiod: how much to ‘help’ when kate is having trouble with something in her life
misskatiemo: yeah
jeremystudiod: the line between supportive and ‘trying to fix’

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February 8th, 2010 at 4:44 pm

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