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New job stuff

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Heather is going to talk to the HR person about it in detail next week to figure out timing and whether they’d help with relocation costs, so we should have more information on that soon.. When they relocated her, she had to sign a contract guaranteeing she’d be there for a full year and if she left she’d have to pay back the money they spent on it (like 10k…but she was moving a house.). David is very interested and invested in making this happen sooner rather than later. The only “sticky wicket” is whether WE is going to shell out to move us. if we were paying for the move, it’d basically be a done deal. In the meantime, Heather suggests (because she went through the same thing with her husband) that you start to be more proactive about figuring out what you’d want to be doing there, and researching opportunities and even having informational interviews so that no matter what, you begin to have your own infrastructure in place of information, opportunities and conversations to have, rather than relying solely on me to “lead”. To make it real for yourself, separately from me, which will probably help to alleviate the worry about “well, im moving across the country with my boyfriend with no prospects and no friends and he is going to have to be my everything” because obviously that can put a huge strain on a relationship

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August 4th, 2010 at 5:11 pm

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The story of Kate and Jeremy

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we met on craigslist in 2008… hit it off, went out a few times, but we were both in a not-so-great headspace for dating, so it kind of fizzled out.  Before that, I loaned her my copy of Angel Season 1 on DVD.  Afterward, we’d talk online every few months, and I’d mention that we should meet for coffee so i could get my dvds back, but somehow it never happened.  In August of 2009 (when I was starting a new job), I randomly wondered what she was up to so I sent her a Facebook message, and she responded awhile later that she’d moved to brooklyn and found my DVDs and felt really bad about it.  So anyway, she came over to return them and we hung out on the couch for like 4 hours talking, and then later in the week we went to dinner, and then to central park over the weekend, and we’ve been together ever since.

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August 2nd, 2010 at 12:18 pm

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