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Job Perception Advice from Heather

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4:30 PMHeather Snow
so what did you think of eileen and the blurb experience?
4:30 PMJeremy Meyers
product is great
they are very creative-focused
its 75% creative 25% business+measurement to justify the creative
she had both the Moo guy and the guy there talking about partnerships
this is not someone who wants to hear a lot of business talk
what she’s going to want is lots of creative ideas and some of “and we have the measurement chops to back up our ideas and adjust course etc’
you should bring your camera
or at least show your photographic passion
my concern was that we might be too corporate leaning, and mariella echoed similar thoughts, that we have to be sure not to be too stuffy. think nice sweaters rather than suits
4:32 PMHeather Snow
linda already flagged that we should come in showing our personal style
and i’m weaving in a seciton on measurement
not talking about boring capes
but our POV about holistic influence
4:33 PMJeremy Meyers
its measurement in service to creative ideas and brand awareness raising
4:33 PMHeather Snow
and highlighting cool stuff like MOI and influence multipliers
4:33 PMJeremy Meyers
not the other way around, which we do too often
i actually really liked her
4:34 PMHeather Snow
she was great on the phone – very direct, but also passionate and authentic sounding
4:34 PMJeremy Meyers
i made some silly joke at dance expense and she thought it was hilarious
4:34 PMHeather Snow
what was she wearing?
4:34 PMJeremy Meyers
um… blouse, jacket, slacks
mariella probably remembers in more detail
4:34 PMHeather Snow
not suit
4:35 PMJeremy Meyers
didn’t seem like a suit to me
ask a girl
4:35 PMHeather Snow
what was your joke?
4:35 PMJeremy Meyers
can’t remember… i think dan was talking about one of the children’s books that was on display and i made some crack about ‘watch out, dan’s girlfriend’
or something like that
i gotta be me.
i think she appreciated that we werent trying to suck up
4:36 PMHeather Snow
4:37 PMJeremy Meyers
its times like that when its frustrating to get dinged about not being ‘client-ready’ when i see that clients and potential clients like and appreciate people who dont just kiss their ass all the time
4:38 PMHeather Snow
i know
actually, i’m calling out the kudos mariella gave you in a note to the sd action board
4:38 PMJeremy Meyers
i talked about it in therapy a bunch
thanks, i appreciate that
4:39 PMHeather Snow
what i think i’m hearing in feedback from different folks is this:
when you engage directly with clients (particularly in person) they really value your insights and perspective and they get your quirkiness
however, on email, you’re a bit rough around the edges
the result of the latter is that sometimes folks who don’t have as much experience w/ you either in person or see you engage clients lose confidence in you before you have a chance to demonstrate
what you’re capable of
michele might be an exception to that – i don’t know what her deal is
4:41 PMJeremy Meyers
can you be more specific about ‘rough around the edges’?
4:41 PMHeather Snow
sometimes inappropriate
sometimes snarky
sometimes incomplete
so you need to win the confidence of folks internally – yes they are peers – but you still need to manage up a bit more
and in doing that, you’ll get more opportunities to demonstrate that you are in fact good w/ clients… which i think will be more satisfying for you
4:43 PMJeremy Meyers
i’m not particularly motivated by ‘getting in front of clients’. but i do wish that people would take things how I intended them more, and not jump to conclusions about what kind of person i am, because more often then not, they’re wrong.
sometimes i’m snarky to make a point, sometimes i’m inappropriate. sometimes i’m incomplete because i would like more feedback to make sure i’m on the right track before fololowing up
4:47 PMHeather Snow
have i ever shared my favorite RLS quote?
4:48 PMJeremy Meyers
and while i will try to be more mindful of how i come across via email, theres only so much i’m willing to compromise my authenticity to avoid people jumping to the wrong conclusion right off the bat. if thats a flaw, i accept it
4:51 PMHeather Snow
“don’t write merely to be understood. write so that you cannot possibly be misunderstood.”
swap out “write” for “communicate”
or if you prefer, shannon & weaver’s communication model
4:51 PMJeremy Meyers
sometimes i value the misunderstandings though because it can lead to deeper insight.  maybe that gets in my way.
i prefer to be fluid rather than static
4:52 PMHeather Snow
you’ve got the transmitter, the receiver, channel, noise, etc. all of those things can contribute to disruption in the communication
it’s not just up to the receiver to decode the transmitter, particularly if there’s noise in the channel
yeah, you can argue this if you want
but if you want feedback, take what i’ve offered
4:53 PMJeremy Meyers
not trying to argue, just to clarify my intent
4:53 PMHeather Snow
you aren’t going to get others to change
4:54 PMJeremy Meyers
arent we in the business of influencing others to change? thats the core of our beliefs
4:55 PMHeather Snow
ever heard the phrase “pick your battles”?
4:55 PMJeremy Meyers
i hear it often referring to battles that i think are important and that other people prefer the status quo on.
4:56 PMHeather Snow
at the end of the day it’s your decision
but i think there are a lot of areas that you could improve w/o compromising your integrity or your authenticity… i recognize that some things you do deliberately, but i don’t think all are
and if your intent is truly to be the pebble in the shoe of colleagues, you just have to be very aware of consequences – both intended and unintended
4:58 PMJeremy Meyers
not pebble in shoe. its not purely as an irritant
i’m not foley.
4:58 PMHeather Snow
4:58 PMJeremy Meyers
someone like foley has his value too
i’m not trying to piss people off, i swear. or be annoying.
4:58 PMHeather Snow
anyway, i think i answered your question/concern about being perceived as not being client-facing when you do make good impressions ie on eileen…yes?
perceived as being client facing, i mean
4:59 PMJeremy Meyers
5:01 PMHeather Snow
the philosophical debate is for you to work through – i have my own flavor of that (i also find myself swimming upstream a lot of the time)… but do keep it separate from feedback on areas you truly can work on to be a better you
(didn’t mean that to sound cheesy)
5:01 PMJeremy Meyers
i know what you mean
5:01 PMHeather Snow
5:01 PMJeremy Meyers
i take all feedback, some of it i will make a priority to work on, some of it goes against what makes me me, and i will keep the feedback in mind but that doesn’t mean i’m going to up and change it all
5:02 PMHeather Snow
5:02 PMJeremy Meyers
but hey, i’m getting some good press today
5:02 PMHeather Snow
nice email from tac too
5:02 PMJeremy Meyers
had a good call with Farren about the EDF thign as well
5:03 PMHeather Snow
and also wnated to let you know that i’ve used a lot of your 007 digital footprint analysis & recos in the proposal
your on a roll
i always like to take that positive feedback (both direct and indirect) and program it into  my head as “what to do more of” (which balances the “what to do better” and is much more palatable)
i have to go back into hiding… i’m technically on PL but am online b/c i have prep to do for the blurb pitch
5:04 PMJeremy Meyers
maybe you should take some of what i said and some of your gut feeling about the client and make some recommendations to the pitch team about how to approach the meeting in terms of focus and attitude?
5:05 PMHeather Snow
yes i will… and have been
5:05 PMJeremy Meyers
5:05 PMHeather Snow
i think linda mills gets it – she’s the lead
5:05 PMJeremy Meyers
ok good
5:05 PMHeather Snow
but i’ve been weighing in pretty heavily throughout
5:05 PMJeremy Meyers
we have a tendency to want to be professional
and creative people hate professional
5:06 PMHeather Snow
i think eileen is looking for both
she’s also a data/analytics geek, and a serial entrepreneur
5:06 PMJeremy Meyers
professionally creative not creatively professional
5:06 PMHeather Snow
anyway good job winning hearts & minds this week
and have a good weekend
5:06 PMJeremy Meyers
5:06 PMHeather Snow
i’m jumping back offline
5:06 PMJeremy Meyers
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