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what i’m looking for in an employer

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  • A small-to-medium-sized company whose goal is to be established yet nimble.  One that is resourceful rather than rigid.  At this point, it would take a very special larger company to attract me away from these values.  The word “corporate” does not bring a smile to my face.
  • One that allows for flexibility and internal mobility for its employees to explore different facets of the work.
  • Trust in employees to do their best work, and processes that enable that to happen. ( Things like timesheets, dress codes, etc are examples of things in the kind of environment I’m trying to avoid.)
  • A company with well thought out internal communications and infrastructure.  Knowledge-sharing and project management tools should be de rigeur. (Yes, I’m trying to avoid an excess of interminable meetings)
  • A diverse, team-based and creative workforce. (I grew up in NYC. Having a large group of differing perspectives from people with a similar commitment to awesomeness is ideal for me.)
  • A team that “gets it”.  Internal evangelism is something I’ve had to do a ton of in the past, and while I’m willing to do it, the higher percentage of people who are on board with human communications, creating awesome stuff and bringing joy to all those around them, the better. Honestly, I’m tired of fighting.
  • A company and leadership that would rather make interesting mistakes than no mistakes at all.  A place where “risk aversion” rarely enters into the creative conversation.

Just so you know it’s not just me, Mashable recently posted an article by Soren Godhamerpointing to a Towers Watson study and found “companies with high employee engagement had a 19% increase in operating income and almost a 28% growth in earnings per share. Conversely, companies with low levels of engagement saw operating income drop more than 32% and earnings per share decline over 11%.”  He goes on to list many of the points I’ve noted above.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that when it comes to human communication online, I’ve frequently found myself just a little out-of-step from the “social media experts”, the Marketing-Focused ROI-Obsessed Marketing Managers, the people who focus on “what could benefit the company in any situation”, the folks who care a little too much about calling every form of online communication “Social Media”, as if that phrase has some inherent value beyond a buzzwordy way of saying “lets talk with people like they’re people”.  I care about creating a great experience for and with people who honor us with their attention. My old manager was obssesed with Social Media Daily because their agency would help his business with social media marketing strategies.

Interactions based on authenticity, humility, grace and humor are the most valuable, both professionally and personally

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