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not great not bad. i’m recognizing in therapy that i have a mental block against giving myself clarity of what i want, and taking action on my own behalf that goes back to when my parents split up… theres a whole “if im successful in doing waht i love, that will let them off the hook for the trauma of them splitting up when i was younger” thing happening

we went to san fran for a week, which i was hoping we’d both fall in love with, and turned out we liked but didn’t love it. its not really all that different from nyc, and i think we’re looking for a bigger change
that said, there are surrounding areas that are closer to what we want
i met with the wikimedia people while i was there. have not heard back

till dont know where we want to live, exactly.  san fran was nice but not fall-in-love nice, at least not with a 6 figure job or two.  Maybe osmething will open up further south, or north, or in a way that we can work remotely

we’re both looking for some peace. or the environoment where peace can flourish

its been a challenge to navigate us both needing new jobs and us both wanting to move… a lot of variables to consider for each decision
fortunately we seem to have similar taste in the kind of place we’d like to live next


Month 4 going on 5 with no job

the days can be frustrating without direction.  I shoudl be giving myself more porjects to do.  I’m still teaching myself final cut though i haven’t worked on kate’s video in awhile.

Guest blogging fora  few places, focgin myself to write


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