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been talking in therapy about how i dont really feel like an adult and its come to surface that i still rely on my mom for a lot of stuff i should be doing myself at this age, and how some of it is because i never really individuated myself as a teenager

the whole individuating thing is bringing up a lot of abandonment and self-destructive stuff. which i’m trying to keep in perspective…like… kate wants to go on vacataion to an island and has been bugging me to get my passport for a month, and i realize that i haven’t done it thusfar because it doesn’t seem like something within my power over my own life to do…nd i’m trying really hard not to resent her for bugging me.

individuating more like…separating myself from my identity as my parents child and into an individual role as an adult responsible for myself, which people usually do for the most part during adolescence, but since my parents were busy fighitng and splitting up when that happened, it didn’t really happen then for me

similar resentment connected to the ‘i want to do it for me and not because someone asked me to’ that gets triggered from parental invovlement

i finally went and got myself a passport

Overall themes:

– Disengaging and redefining triggering abandonment

– Individuating friction resentment paralysis

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May 16th, 2012 at 1:54 pm

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