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If i had no fear, i would figure out a way to launch a project that involved finding collaborators, even if it is something small like a podcast or collaborative blog or something.

The things that are standing in my way are that i don’t feel confident with my equipment because i’m not sure how to get the most out of my zoom recorder and how to get the laalier working, and also that i’m not sure who i’d want to collaborate with, whether i know them or not, because i don’t have that mny friend s in atlanta, and even when i do have friends i’m not sure that they will want dto do stuff with me

there is a story in my head that i’m not really that good at any thing, not enough to be ‘the guy’ for it. not good enough at writing to be an author, not good enough at podacsting to do that, not good enough at being on-camer or off-camera, not good enough at digital strategy, not good enough at any one thing, because my interests are so wide, rather than deep. but maybe that is something that’s holding me back and that i should figure out how to let go of. it does eem to hold m back from collaborating, which does keep coming up as something that i miss doing.

I do my best work when i’m collaborating, which is increasingly rare for me.. my freelance gig has quite isolating int hat people expect e to just come up with these posts in a vacuum, even though i’m supposedly speaking for the company. I suppose it does make it easier to not say much in them, which is fine i suppose, but that’s another thing that takes up my time that is not a creative outlet, which i miss.

I have a bunch of half-written blog posts but I guess i don’t feel passionately about them or i would have finished them by now. In thinking about lifestyle upgrades, i think figuring out a thing to partner with someone on should be much higher on the list than it is.

I guess the thing to do is to learn how to acknowledge the voice telling me that i’m not that good at things and go and do them anyway. Of purse that’s easier said, though that might also be the same voice.

how does one find people to click with creatively? or does the idea come first? and how to push forward. maybe doing some more writing about it would be useful. Maybe doing something would be useful
maybe getting equipment i’m more confident in would be good
which thing that scares me should i do first?

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August 4th, 2013 at 10:13 pm

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