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Sexy Kate Story

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We were making out and then i pushed her on her stomach and kissed and licked and bit her back, and spanked her ass hard while i did it….made it hurt just enough. Then spent some time squeezing and biting her ass. I love biting her ass. Then i spread her cheeks and played with her hole a little, alternating with slaps on her ass… biting and then finally getting down and licking her pretty pink butthole, dragging my nails down her back. Then i took my boxers off and rubbed my cock against her…kissed my way back up and whispered that she was about to get her pretty ass split open. she loves when i whisper to her…by this time she couldn’t really talk, was just moaning all animal-like. So i grabbed the lube from the nightstand and put some on my cock and against her hole, pushed in with my finger to get it all nice and slippery. Then wrapped my arms around her, pressed the head of my cock against her tight opening, and pushed in slow while she whimpered. And started pounding away slow and hard. She was animal moaning at this point, telling me to fuck her harder, so i did…biting her neck, wailing away, then finally thrust all the way inside and filled her ass up with my cum.

Then we snuggled and fell asleep.

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October 5th, 2013 at 10:30 pm

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