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Therapy Poem

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Here lies Me

Jumping from distraction to distraction

Filling, running, opaquely distancing

Filling what’s empty but it never quite reaches

Prematurely regretting my today

Looking back from the future

Aware of my own ridiculousness

Alone in that universal cliche way that leads to bad poetry like this

Grasping for a feeling of mattering, questioning all the while if mattering matters.

Gotta stop going in reverse before getting to go forward

It’s neutral you gotta watch out for, oh yes

Neutral is a mire

Balance on the head of a pin doesn’t leave no room for dancing.

But onward!

Cutting the sinewy ropes of habit with a spoon

Nudging imagined regret into excitement

Oh, for a chance to keep my toolbelt for myself, to test and sharpen and polish and use and hone my skills for me

Oh for a chance to give myself that chance.over and over each day

Oh for a chance to live in my fear, to give it a hug and go adventuring.

Oh to get outside myself to start that ball rolling, instead of talking about it.

Oh to take my own damn advice.

It’s time.

Just a little push.

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January 15th, 2014 at 1:49 pm

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