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Letter to Irene

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Hey Irene-

Hope all is well with you.

Well, at the end of two weeks of work, the loft is closer to being emptied out than ever.  Throughout the course of my trip here, I have had my friends, some of Kate’s friends and some friends of friends come over to select some of my dad’s art to take home. We’ve also cleared a TON of other stuff out. I’m not sure you’ll even recognize it.

You will be pleased to know that everyone who came over felt very taken with his work and many people took more than one piece (some taking as many as six or seven).

Some of my dad’s friends came over.  They typically took one or two small pieces and mostly grabbed art supplies.  Pedro came over to take his painting, Donna Marxer took a bunch of works on paper and Doug Sheer took a carload of stuff. Jackie, Vickie and a few others came by as well.

Lynn Mayo was super helpful in coordinating and making people aware of stuff.  I have put a call out to anyone who came to take work to email me photos of the work in their homes, and I am planning to put them onto a revamped as i receive them.

On to what remains… The black flat file is filled up, and there is much additional work on top of it.  There are probably about 6 or 7 big (over 7’) ones, three medium sized (5’-6’) ones, four medium-large (6’) ones and six medium-small ones that have not been placed, along with some framed works on paper and the trunk of Nocturnals, which you wanted.  I may be missing a few items.

As you said you wanted the works on paper, I am leaving it to you to relocate them.

Lynn Mayo also mentioned that she will be reaching out to some folks who we may not have.  She is an awesome coordinator, and I let her know to connect with you in terms of getting people to the loft after I’m gone.

You should know (if you don’t already) that the co-op has pretty strict regulations on the process of taking sizable items out on the elevator.  I would recommend that you coordinate with my mom (I believe you have her information) and choose a day that people can come over.  She will need to be there, and if you plan to take the flat files or larger items, you or she will need to get the elevator padding from Annie Shaver.

Albert Depas came over and wanted to see if he could take some materials which he left there.  They are in a black garbage bag in the first room closest to the studio, with a piece of tape with his name on it.  I told him he could coordinate with you to pick them up. There is also a FastCompany-branded tote bag in the same place which seems to contain some of your work.  Additionally, there is that trunk with all the nocturnals in it that is all yours.

My mom has hired a trucking company to clear out a bunch of garbage and furniture.  They will be there next Saturday, March 1. They are not taking any of the art or the flat files or anything.  You should be careful as to what you leave lying around, though, because I won’t be there to know what is to-keep and what is to-toss and I wouldn’t want them to grab something you wanted inadvertently.

So, in terms of moving forward, I am aware that there are some of his friends that have not yet had an opportunity to select some work (Lynn seemed to know of some of his ‘hospital friends’ that didn’t get an email from us. sorry about that.)  They are welcome to coordinate with you to get in to the loft, and i would ask that you send me an email letting me know when that is happening just so I can avoid nasty surprises from the other residents.  I trust you to be discreet, etc.

I would like to have all of his art either in the hands of someone, or in your possession, by early April.  If (as I assume) there are some pieces for which homes cannot be found, I have a contact at a art school who would be ecstatic to have the canvases to paint over.

We’re getting closer to being able to close this chapter!

All best


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