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Balcony and Edging story

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so currently im not allowed to cum without permission from one of a few people and they are figuring out a schedule and/or ways i can earn it denial and stuff is super hot for me in addition, I’ve been instructed to edge regularly and also Kate has been edging me before bed and take pics/vids (which as always you are welcome to) and some other stuff that’s not specific to the story which i can share if you want

anyway, last night i got teased and blown out on the balcony by Kate. and told not to cum . and then licked my precum off her face. and fingered her for awhile. after which she sent me inside and told me i was a good boy for obeying doing her bj. it was dark but people could probably have seen if they were looking .

i wanted to get face rides but she’d walked a few miles home and felt self conscious about it. which would not stop me (especially in the framework of being made to do stuff. not that i ever need to be made to eat pussy generally or hers in particular) but whatever. and she said she likes sucking my cock in public maybe more than in private so I asked about maybe at a swing club or in front of people we know or in front of people we know (which would include the other people who decide if and when i get to cum), which she was not opposed to.

So yeah, super hot and exciting implications and so nice to get to explore and hear about a thing she realizes she’s into that might not have come (heh) up previously.

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August 10th, 2021 at 6:23 pm

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