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there is power (pride?) in not doing what people ask of me, even if it is for my benefit, and i also get to beat myself up.

the power made me “seen” in an environment where i often was not seen or prioritized, attention-wise (growing up)

i need a way to make the resistance less of a charged thing without triggering my resistance

don’t necessarily trust my reactions to things because of my tendency toward self-sabotage, so a challenge to feel what resonates

need a way to move forward without

scary to think about whats on the other side

what am i willing to intend? what would peace do with this resistance?

a lot of inward directed anger about feeling like i’ve anchored myself
– be aware
– name it
ready, open, available

i am excited at the prospect of not feeling and being angry about a self-inflicted anchor dragging me down and also nervous at both the prospect of addressing it after all this time (because it still feels like it needs to be a fight) and what kind of new accountability i’ll be ersponsible for once i dont have that anchor as an ‘excuse’

motivated vs inspiration

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March 11th, 2013 at 12:12 pm

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