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an update (letter to mary ruth)

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Hey MRC-

Happy ’07 (I know I know, it’s February, but i’ve been working on this email since March of 06, so…). I realized that I owed you an update, so here goes.

2006 keept me busy. Over the 2005 holiday I decided that I wanted to get organized with my work, so I started keeping a little notepad where I’d list the “to-do list” of things that had been sitting in my head for awhile (#1 rule of a happier life: get it all out of your head…but more on that later).

So this led to getting more stuff done and feeling a little less overwhelmed… So in the second week of January I put together a 7 page plan for the online presence of the label and presented it to all the senior staff (Faye, Michelle, etc) and they were pretty mightily impressed…in fact I got an ovation.

So, since then everyone has started taking the online stuff much more seriously. I hired a content manager named Mary in April of last year who helps me keep the news and information current on our website so I’m able to focus more on promotions and stuff. It’s different being a manager, in the beginning it seemed like its not any less work than if i was doing it myself, but we’ve since gotten into a rhythm.

In August, they hired a new person to head up the marketing team named Alex Miller, and one of the first things he did was to get rid of Faye. I report to him now. He has been such a positive influence on the organization and function of the company, we’ve really been able to streamline ourselves.

(I know this is getting heavy with work stuff, but i’m coming to the rest of it)

In September, a new umbrella of SonyBMG was created, called Commercial Music Group. It consists of Masterworks (Classical, Film Scores, Broadway, Spoken Word), Legacy (Reissues, titles from our archives older than 18 months), Custom Marketing (complilations and albums built for specific retailers like Starbucks, Spas, etc), Strategic Marketing (co-branded albums with partners like Nickelodeon). This becomes relevant a few paragraphs down.

Anyway, in November there were a bunch of layoffs. We lost 7 people including Michelle (out of 25) so Masterworks as it stands is 17 people. Although I miss everyone who is gone, some of them were not as forward thinking as the company requires now, so it wasn’t a huge professional loss.

So I continued chugging away at Masterworks, until in December it was decided that within this group, a new digital group was to be created that will service all the aforementioned labels. All the online people from the aforementioned labels (6 people total) will all come together into a central group, led by this guy JJ Rosen. We will all still go to our various label marketing meetings to be the ‘liaison’ between them and the digital group.

This means that I will have a new job title, new responsibility and more money. Additionally, I will be able to work with stuff outside the classical/film score/Broadway world, and be able to contribute ideas to earn revenue outside the mainstream ‘putting plastic discs into peoples hands’ concept.

JJ is officially responsible for overseeing all the areas of CMG except new CDs, and he plans to have digital be the central hub for all of it. He’s brilliant and very forward thinking, and his main goal for 07 is to greatly increase the revenue brought in from as many non-traditional sources as possible.

I really feel like 2006 was a year for cleaning out old drama and patterns and issues, and that 2007 is when it’s all going to happen for me. I’ve spoken to a number of my close friends, and they are getting a similar feeling about themselves. In fact, its become a good barometer as to how close I am to people, depending on how they feel about the year.

I feel totally rejuvenated and psyched about my life and future. Everything feels like it is coming together finally. My apartment is rockin, I’ve bought posters and kitchen chairs and window shades and everything, and I even went to lunch with my father on Sunday, which was not as awkward as I thought it would be.

I still have my down days, and don’t yet have a ladyfriend to call my very own, but I think I’m really on a good track to have a really good year. I am constantly amazed how many people in my life are willing to go out of their way to tell me how much they think I deserve this newfound karmic change, so I truly feel blessed to have the people in my life that I do.

Anyway, that’s whats gone on since last we spoke, and I wanted to thank you again for helping me sort through enough of my blocks to get the gears in motion.

I hope life is treating you well and that you have all you desire!


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